1If you were an anthropologist what aspects of British society would you study?
2Are sociological theories just evaluations of one another or can they stand alone?
3How would you eradicate gender inequalities in society?
4How important is social interaction in language acquisition?
5What are your views on nature vs. nurture?
6Describe your school from an anthropological perspective
7How would you bring a population out of poverty?
8How would you conduct research on Aboriginal people in Australia?
9How would you define an archaeological layer?
10What is the significance of ceramics in present society?
11What are the differences between Neanderthals and Homo-Sapiens?
12If you had £500,000 to find out more about the origins of language, how would you spend it?
13How would you explain human culture to an alien visiting earth?
14Why do humans have cultures?
15 Is humanity destined to repeat the mistakes of history?
16How do you think that the pagan/Christian differences shown in the archaeology of Avebury relate to that of the Sutton Hoo ship burial?  
17Name a scientist that has influenced you? 
18Would Moussolini have been interested in archaeology? 
19What is the role of archaeologists and museums? 
20How does studying History link with Archaeology? 
21Where do you think the Elgin Marbles should be London or Athens? 
22How would you define Anthropology?
23How I related my current subjects with my interest in Anthropology
24Why do you think it is important for archeaologists to study anthropology?
25What can archaeological evidence tell us that historical evidence cannot?
26Talk about the social anthropology of a coke can, newspaper and brick.
27Why did Neanderthals die out? 
28Can art be used to communicate?
29Why were cave paintings made?
30What does this piece of ancient Korean art represent? 
31Why is a hierarchy essential?
32What do you think of the artistic and monetary value of a painting attributed to Rebrant if it was later proven to be of dubious origin? 
33How would you plan an anthropological investigation? 
34When was Ashby de la Zouch castle built?
35What books on social anthropology did I read?
36The role of language in our understanding of culture.
37Game Theory
38John Stuart Mill
39Napoleon’s vision of europe
40Why do we have museums?
41Should the british museum give the Parthenon metopes back to Greece?
42If you found a vase, what would u do to extract as much information from it as possible?