1Do you know how long it took Virgil to write the Aeneid?
2Would Ovid’s chat-up line work?
3If there was an omnipotent god would he be able to create a stone that he couldn’t lift?
4What would happen if the Classics department burnt down?
5Do you think Feminism is dead?
6"Emma has become a different person since she took up yoga. Therefore she is not responsible for anything she did before she took up yoga." Discuss.
7Why do you think Ancient History is important?
8How civilised was the Roman world?
9When would you start a book about the history of England?
10What is the difference between a debate and a philosophical conversation?
11The stage, a platform for opinions or just entertainment – what are your thoughts? 
12Is Aeneas a modern hero? 
13Are history and myth compatible? 
14Where do you draw the line between Plato and Socrates and why? 
15What is irony? 
16What is fate? 
17Does Ezra Pound ‘translate’ Propertius? 
18Is it fair that Ted Hughes won a literary prize for a translation of an Ovid poem? 
19Why would a book of today be called a classic? 
20Is the ending of The Iliad useful? 
21What do you think the differences are between modern and ancient democracy and why? 
22What is the future perfect of moneo? 
23Do you think we need to take a different approach when studying French culture as opposed to the Classical world? 
24Did the Romans or the Greeks leave a more notable impression on the culture of today? How? 
25What do you think Tacitus’ view was on the conflict between religion and science? 
26If you were reading Virgil’s Aeneid in translation, would you be reading the work of Virgil or of another author? 
27If I you could turn this room into the British museum, what items would you put in it to convey the importance of the Classical Worlds? 
28Do you think its right for a country to fight another one in self defence  
29Is there a link between Greek and Japanese culture
30does language exist? 
31should a doctor kill one person with little chance of living to save 3 others who needed this person's organs immediately to survive
32was Augustus just an arrogant child? 
33what is free will? 
34Can you pick one word to describe life under democracy in 5th century BC Athens?
35Is Classics worth studying, doesn’t it make us a ‘jack-of-all-trades’?
36Relate Classics to a modern piece of Literature?
37Tell me about love in the ancient world?
38Are you interested in other aspects of the course like ancient history?
39Tell me about chronology in the odyssey?
40What is the effect of a story within a story?
41Would Oedipus still be a play if we took away the oedipus complex?
42Do you agree with the Harvard school of thought about Virgil?
43Whether childhood was an artificial construct
44How is the subject relevant to modern life? 
45Are the Metamorphoses an epic? 
46Was Ovid trying to moralise or entertain? 
47Would Dido have thought Aeneas was considerate of other people? Was he? 
48What do you make of Aeneid Book 6? Is the Aeneid simply political propaganda supporting Augustus? Do you agree with the actions of Antigone?
49 If George W. Bush should take influence from the Classical World and their politics
50Differences between politics in the Roman World and today
51How Cicero gets across his message that what Verres had done by killing Roman citizens was terrible 
52Whether a knife could be biased
53Whether I thought that the idea of citizenship was the same in the Roman world as today
54Parse ‘rebus’? 
55How many declensions are there? 
56How many latin cases are there excluding the vocative? Hence deduce how many were in Proto Indo European? 
57Give a few meanings of the word ‘Quibus’? What peculiarity does this word possess in the respect of its relation to a certain preposition? Which personal pronouns share this wonderful property?
58On the subject of personal pronouns, name two intensifying enclitics affixed thereto? 
59Why shouldn’t we stack enclitics? What detrimental effects does this have to our Latinity?
60What do you feel about the lack of distinct aorist form in Latin? 
61“Latin is far from the pristine, perfect, sanctified tongue it is portrayed to be” – using your knowledge of defective verbs, obsolete particles and lack of perfect active participle, comment on this statement? 
62Compare the use of Chinese particles, particularly “ma”, “ba” and “le”, to that of Latin? 
63Iulius Caesarne invented a particular form of “sum”? Hence deduce this formerly wanting form?
64What impressions I had of a passage from Plato’s ‘Meno’ regarding the desire for good things. 
65My opinion on a disputed line in Sophocle’s Antigone
66My thoughts on the Spartan disaster at Pylos 
67 How to define living
68Do you think socrates was a sophist?
69Why do you think Cicero wrote down the actio secunda of the case against Verres?
70Do you think that by applying the methods of music teaching to all forms of education we might bring about social and economic reform?
71What can we conclude from this letter from Cicero to Apius Pulcher about their relationship?
72How did Cicero’s Letters survive to this day? Who do you think saved them?
73Do you think there’s a differnce in Cicero’s rhetoric style and letter-writing style?
74What is the difference in Herodotus’ and Tacitus’ histories?
75Which one do we find more alike to what a History means today?
76What else can we conclude from reading an ancient historians work, except the facts (his critical point of view, who he (dis)liked etc etc etc)?
77Parmenides says we cannot think about what isn’t, we can only think about what *is*. If we agree that Zeus doesn’t exist, that he *isn’t*, can we think about Zeus? 
78Logical questions about several types of relations. The Reflexive relation, the Symmetric relation and the Transitive relation.
79Do you find Catullus insincere because he addresses his love poems to many boys and girls?
80In the part of Horace’s Sermones 1.9 you’ve done, how does Horace act regarding the annoying follower around him? What does that tell us of Horace as a person?
81What are the differences in harshness between Horace’s Satires and Juvenal’s?
82What is the importance, in the prologue of Antigone, of placing the dialog between the two sisters at the very beginning in the play, and why not just put Creon first, so that he can tell us all that’s important about the play’s background?
83 How would you stage the prologue of Antigone?
84What is the significance of Antigone being physically led off stage? 
85What makes history writing history rather than just a good story
86 How fiction is different from just manipulating history to show a given point
87Why it is wrong to lie