1what is life?  
2why is the sky blue?
3What is the true mass of all the water on the earth? 
4How do tectonic plates move? 
5Calculate the mass of the oceans. 
6How would you go about calculating the total amount of energy reaching the Earth’s surface? 
7You have a picture of a rainbow. Which colour would fade first? 
8How does the age of ice change as you walk up a glacier? 
9How would you calculate the number of molecules of H2O in the ocean?
10How do mountains originate?
11Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?
12What do you believe would be the major differences on Earth if, a) no atmosphere had ever formed? b) there was no water? c) plate tectonics did not exist?
13Suggest a list of conditions necessary to sustain life on Earth?
14I was asked to comment on some specimens and to consider straightforward problems in chemistry and physics