1management: what would you do to overcome the language and cultural difficulties after merger?  
2are you in it just for the money?
3Are large or small companies more successful? 
4Should a Wal-Mart store be opened in the middle of Cambridge? 
5What is the biggest problem facing CEO’s? 
6What is the basis of performance related pay? 
7Why do Rolls-Royce build cars by hand, and Toyota by machine? 
8Consider a production line. What could be done to help the worker to get away from the routine? 
9If a petrol station, on a road, is equal distant from two towns, where should the next petrol station be built? 
10Why would you consider Toys R Us to be a failing business? 
11Why do firms exist? 
12What’s the difference between a correlation and a cause and effect relationship? 
13Summarise Economics into one word 
14What is a monopoly? What are the advantages and disadvantages? 
15How would you make a hypothetical sandwich stall more profitable? 
16What is the point of privatisation? 
17What are the consequences of changing interest rates? 
18Should governments subsidise agriculture? 
19What is a public good? 
20A girl in a small town wishes to sell a painting – will she earn more revenue through sealed bids or raffle tickets? 
21Would you support the privatisation of the NHS? 
22Why is deflation a scare to the UK? 
23I give you £100. You have to offer part of this £100 to someone. Unless they accept the offer, you get nothing. How much will you offer? 
24Why is a film actor wealthier than a theatre actor? 
25What would you say if Gordon Brown were to take a report which shows that people who go to university earn more than those who do not, and then proclaim that going to university causes you to earn more? 
26Would I be justified in saying that only morons play sport? 
27Describe this saucer to me as if I wasn’t in the room 
28What is the difference between buying and selling of slaves and the buying and selling of football players? 
29Explain why teachers might be changing jobs to become plumbers. 
30What is the point of using NHS money to keep old people alive? 
31Are there too many people in the world? 
32If a Martian drops money across the country, does inflation go up? 
33Would it be feasible to have an economy entirely based on the service sector? 
34Can you put a monetary value on this teapot? 
35If there were three beautiful, naked women standing in front of you, which one would you pick? Does this have any relevance to economics?
36What is the basis of performance related pay?
37Why do Rolls-Royce build cars by hand, and Toyota by machine?
38Are large or small companies more successful?
39Consider a production line. What could be done to help the worker to get away from the routine?
40How would you market a rock band?
41The Target 2.0 competition
42Monetary policy
43Credit crisis
44How I would reform the banking system
45Possible ways of administering mortgages in the future
46Game theory question
47Current affairs
48Enron scandal
49Is management a science?
50 Private sector involvement in health care
51 There are 2 economists who are going to predict the headline rate of inflation. One is called Bob (who is old, more experienced, and has been correct 50% of the time). The other is Alan (who has just graduated from university and is familiar with the latest statistical techniques used to make economic forecasts. He is not very experienced, and has also been correct 50% of the time.) Which economist will you believe and why ? 
52Why should Britain join the Euro ? 
53What is a public good ? why is a public good something which has to be provided by the government and not by the private sector ? 
54What are the disadvantages of the regulation of Privatised Industries ?
55What do you think about debt relief to developing countries?
56I had to plan a tariff for a bus route, after being given some information and assumptions.
57You are a buyer and want to buy a car. There is a seller, with a used car worth 1000 and a new car worth 2000. These are worth 1100 and 2100 to you. How much are you willing to pay for each car. If you didn’t know what type of car it was, then how much would you be willing to pay?