1why do Ryan air try and sell tickets for Dublin day passes on flights into London stansted? 
2When I was walking around the college in the morning, what questions did I think or want them to ask me
3What would you say if Gordon Brown were to take a report which shows that people who go to university earn more than those who do not, and then proclaim that going to university causes you to earn more?
4What is the point of using NHS money to keep old people alive?
5What is the point of privatisation?
6What is a monopoly? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
7What are the consequences of changing interest rates?
8tell me why playing your sport will make you a better economist 
9Should governments subsidise agriculture?
10If the government passed a law requiring people to wear seatbelts, why might this result in more road accident casualties?
11How would you make a hypothetical sandwich stall more profitable?
12distance from London to new York, work out 
13define 'greed' 
14Some general macroeconomic questions regarding the exchange rate
15The new Governor of the Bank of England
16House prices
17Why economic models are so poor
18How a plane flies (normally and upside down)
19How a 4 stroke engine works
20Cartesian divers and electric motors.
21Market failures
23How to find the highest profit on a curve through calculus (differentiate and find max on curve)
24Interpreting data about different countries economic data
25Talking about credit crisis
26The nature of technical innovation
27Demand side management
28The Euro
29Market structues
30Differentitate x²/z²+h² 
31Sketch the graph of sin²x+2=y
32Bernoulli equation
33Moment of inertia (rolling objects)
34Explain fundamental integration theory
35Digging underground tunnel (pressure and young modulus)
36Draw this graph. Prove this relationship using differentials (theory of the firm)
37How do interest rates affect exchange rates?
38Is globalisation a good thing?
39Apply game theory to an economic context? 
40Rail privatisation
41Tackling Cambridge’s traffic problems
42How water boiled
43Questions about globalisation (such as a definition for it and the issues surrounding it )
44Why are rich countries rich and poor countries poor
45Would more doctors or more laywers be better in the world
46How do you measure happiness
47What role should the state play in the economy
48What is the political stance of The Economist 
49What are the arguements for and against the minimum wage?
59 Current economic trends in Cambridge
51About the WTO and its implications on political systems in capitalist and socialist systems
52Why is bankruptcy law necessary?
53Do you think this is a good way of encouraging entrepreneurship? How else might entrepreneurship be encouraged?
54What factors do you think influence consumption patterns?
55How much do you think that consumers would save by using price listing websites?
56Whether or not I felt it would be correct to state that the existence of such price listing websites led to greater competition in the market. 
57Discuss whether government intervention was beneficial in the economy
58What I thought were the main reasons for the market failure caused by monopolies
59An in-depth discussion on the theory of the firm (price/profit maximization, the goals of firms, divorce of ownership from control – manager and behavioural theories – William Baumol).
60Discuss the US current account and fiscal deficits
61What is quality