1Why do sausages split lengthways, rather than around the circumference? 
2Why did they used to make the mill chimneys so tall?
3What would happen if you drilled through the Earth all the way to the other side and then jumped into the hole?
4What challenges do you think you would be facing as a formula 1 engineer in 10 years time?
5What are the main differences between the engines in jet fighters and the engines in jet airliners; which type of engine is the more efficient, and (qualitatively) why?
6What are the fundamental differences between Engineering and Physics?
7they had a toy car and propelled it by attaching a blown up balloon and releasing it, they asked my question on how to increase the speed, the flow of the air and momentum.
8Talk about a light bulb 
9Sketch a velocity time graph for a skydiver jumping out of a plane. 
10Show the forces acting on a ladder 
11If you had a cylinder, sealed at both ends, with the pressure rising inside, would it blow at the end or split along the side first?
12If I am in a room with 5 people and guess all their birthdays what is the probability of getting (only) one correct?
13How would you design a gravity dam for holding back water?
14How small can you make a computer? What are the limiting factors? 
15How does a fridge work?
16How do you think you could calculate the number of calories that you have burnt after you have gone for a run?
17Explain the following to someone with no knowledge of physics: force, momentum, power, work.
18A rectangular sheet dimensions a x b is to be made into an open-topped box by cutting a square of side h from each corner and folding the 4 sides up. Find the value of h which allows the maximum volume of the box? 
19What was a scenario when chemical engineering was applied to solve a practical problem
20Calculate the density of an atom of sodium chloride
21Determine an expression for the relationship between the distance between cars driving along a street into a city, and the amount of cars entering the city per second. Then I had to draw graphs to illustrate it.
22Newton’s Laws of motion
23Circular motion and planetary orbits
25Electromagnetic induction and transformers
26Finding the nth term of the Fibonacci sequence (using the trend towards a common ratio (Geometric Progression)
27Simple differentiation e.g. d/dx 2x(x+1)
28Come up with a rule for nth derivative of 1/x
29Draw graph of e.g. (2x+3)/(x^2+1)
30Why is copper red and aluminium white(ish)?
31Argon and Helium, same amount of moles, both heated, which moves more quickly?
32How do metals conduct heat?
33Why do aeroplanes tilt to turn corners?
34Differential equations of motion, the objective of which to derive v^2=u^2+2as from a=dv/dt (and consequently a=v dv/ds)
35Differentiate certain functions and draw their differentials
36The integral of 1/x between infinity and negative infinity.
37Electrical physics and the base units (or more useful meanings of certain values)
38A guitar and how it produces a note/sound
39Archimedes’ Principle (how objects float), with a theoretical question of whether there would be an upthrust or not if a perfectly smooth object was on a perfectly smooth ocean floor)
40Factors to consider in building a long span bridge
41I had to do some graph drawing and talk about the forces in a car.
42A question on stresses and strains
43Resistance/resistivity and energy.
44Derivation of golden ratio other equation formation and manipultion
45Projectiles up a slope mechanics of a pull-string car zero gravity combustion
46I was shown a picture of a bridge situated near my home. i was asked to talk about some of its unique features.
47Why it’s easier to hit a shuttle than a tennis ball
48Looking at force as mass x change of rate in velocity. Then looking at how momentum and velocity vary as mass changes.
49Statics of rigid bodies 
50What height does a geostationary satellite need to be at? 
51Potential divider sum
52Complex numbers
53Come up with the power a shower water heater would be working at from scratch, then deciding if this was a sensible value through comparison
54Energy principles
55Emf on a plane wing in the earth’s magnetic field 
56Problems of inert gas build up during the Haber Bosch Process
57How much energy was required to fill a bath
58The integration of 1/x, leading to the derivation of the estimation ln(1+z)=z when z is very small.
59Differential equations - asking what they were, how engineers use them, how to apply them when studying vibrations of aircraft wings
60Why is aluminium still in aircraft used when composites are available 
61He provided a diagram and equations of a car suspension and asked how to improve it 
62Relation between F1 cars and aircrafts
63Form mathematical models of a ball attached to a spring regarding force, velocity, and the mathematical relation between current and time in an inductor circuit.
64 Draw the forces on a car and to find an expression showing which variables make it go faster
65How a wind turbine work
66 How a train went round a corner
67How mobile phones worked
68Logs & differentiation
69Thermal heat
70Differentiation & energy question about an at graph of a plane taking off.
71Sketch y=cos(x) and y=cos(2x), then shade the area represented by the integral of cos(x) from pi to zero
72Make a mathematical formula that would show which is the most efficient way of moving a bookshelf, by analyzing the moments acting around the said bookshelf. 
73Questions about the power dissipated in a circuit
74Analyze the resistance in a light bulb and and how it changes over time 
75Drawing graphs of current voltage charge against time