1compare Stephen hero and Stephen daedalus to beavis and butthead
2Do you think children's literature should be studied at university level?  
3JK Rowling has just published a book for adults after the hugely successful Harry Potter series. In what ways do you think that writing for children is different to writing for adults?
4George Orwell’s 1984 – is it still relevant? How does it relate to the media, politics and surveillance?  
5Do you think the ending of 'The Mill On The Floss' is poor?
6Read and date this short, anonymous poem. Who do you think wrote it? Comment on use of imagery used and its effect; does this poem remind you of anything you've read?
7Why do we read literature?
8What books are bad for you?
9Why do you think an English student might be interested in the fact that Coronation Street has been running for 50 years?
10Why might it be useful for an English student to read the Twilight series?
11To what extent can all poems be considered fragments 
12Discuss Shakespeare’s representation of Italians 
13What are the advantages and disadvantages of looking at and ignoring context when dealing with works of literature?
14What was the last book you read?
16How I would go about critically analysing humourous writing. 
17How are Hamlet and Othello different as characters?
18So, tell me about Baudelaire.
19Power struggles in Shakespeare 
20The importance of colour in poetry
21Explain Blake’s dichotomy of Innnocence/Experience – general discussion of what I’d read, what I saw in him, etc…
22Why does Blake use the figure of the Bard?
23Something about Shakespearian tragedies
24Explaining the unseen poem
25I was asked whether i thought the context of poems was important 
26The importance of literature
27How literature is being spread nowadays
28Comparing dostoevsky and hardy – whether their novels revolve around plot or their own convictions.
29Why does Jane Austen not use blank verse in her novels? 
30Does Dr Faustus really have a moral? 
31What have you found interesting about Tennyson?
32Aesthetic qualities of Tennyson
33Adaptations of books to films – positive and negative features
34Why is it a positive thing to bring literature to a wider audience?
35Is it possible to enjoy poetry which isn't technically good?
36Have you read any other German writers?
37Would you recommend reading 18th century plays?
38How can a writer of a play show his intentions to the director?
39Hardy's women: how do the endings show us Hardy's view? Is Tess a faithful representation?
40Why do you enjoy Hardy?
41Wilkie Collins: what effect does the multiple view point have? Why does he use an amateur detective? What do you think about his female characters? Why doesn't Laura get given a voice?
42Shakespeare's sonnets: what have you found interesting? Can you see any links between them and the plays? Do you think the ending couplet can sound too glib after the contradictions within? Have you read any other sonnet writer's work?
43In French I spoke about Baudelaire, Macbeth and Sartre. I also spoke in French about Bonjour Tristesse.
44First Sonne by Ben Jonson
45James Joyce and Virginia Woolf
47Differences in Beowulf translations
48About “Catch-22”: Is Yossarian a hero for our times? Isn’t PFC Wintergreen a horrifying character? 
49About “Dracula”: How many men want to marry Lucy? How may men pump their blood into her? What do you think of the structure of the novel?
50About “Fruhlings Erwachen”: Does Wedekind see the children’s relationships as healthy? What does the Masked Gentleman represent?
51What made me think Hopkins’ style was similar to that of Keats? 
52Compare the ways in which Eliot and Hopkins talk about Spring.
53Did I think that it was possible for a poem to sound masculine or feminine based on the use of phonics in the poem?
54The Romantics - what was it about the first line of ‘Composed Upon Westminster Bridge’ which made it so resonant?
55Why do Shakespeare’s Tragedies interest you, as opposed to his other plays?
56Why do you think the rounding of characters in Measure for Measure is weaker than in Shakespeare’s tragedies?
57Discuss the theme of ‘evil’ as it is manifested in Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth and King Lear.
58Attribute one of the following types of evil to each play: Metaphysical evil, Natural evil, Human evil.
59Contrast the idea of time in Macbeth and Hamlet.
60What does Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ lack that is present in his other works?
61Why are the natives in ‘Heart of Darkness’ voiceless?
62Is Conrad rascist, as Achebe has argued?
63Are there any glimmers of hope in Conrad’s bleak portrayal for the human condition?
64What is your perception of the dynamic between nature and humanity in Conrad’s fiction?
65Discuss the theme of fate in Thomas Hardy’s novels.
66How does Hardy portray woman, specifically, Tess from ‘Tess of the D’Uberville’s’?
67How does Hardy portray the dynamic between women in his novels?
68To what extent is Tess a victim?
69Discuss the authorial voice in Thackeray’s ‘Vanity Fair’
70What is your opinion of Becky in Thackeray’s ‘Vanity Fair’?
71How does Thackeray communicate his own feelings to his readers? Does he do this effectively?
72About Carter, both essays actually, about her role as a didactic writer, the validity of her method and intention, her dealing wioth identities in her work.
73“The Lover’s Tale” by Geoffrey Chaucer
74“The Flea” and “The Relic”
76How does Forster and Dicken’s use of character differ?
77Which of the two Shakespearean comedies is the most uncomfortable? 
78Questions about Gerard Manley Hopkins
79How do Othello and Iago contrast?
80What do you understand by the term “gothic tradition”? 
81How does references to the gothic era influence Mary Shelley? 
82Do you not think that Jessie Pope’s poetry can be re-examined with the view that she was a product of her time, hence be considered more sympathetically?
83What do you think about literary theory? Is it still relevant? 
84What do you think makes language poetic? What is poetic language?
85What do you think of Keats in the light of Shelley’s ‘Adonais’? 
86How does Keats fit into the philosophical spectrum of the other Romantic Poets? 
87Why does Henry Green use gerunds for the titles of his novels? Are they gerunds? What else could they be? 
88What is the metrical structure of ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’? Is this significant?
89What is the ‘carrion comfort’ of ‘Carrion Comfort’? Can you contrast this poem with ‘Hamlet’?
90I was asked about anaphora, alliterative chiasmus and diacope in the Byron and Larkin poems.
91I was given a passage from Chaucer and a passage from the Bible, in Latin, Old English and English, and asked to comment on the grammar.
92Can you explain what you mean by ‘perception’ and ‘perspective’ in The Tempest? Why do you think the play is a metaphor for colonialism?
93Is Caliban an immoral character? Do we empathise with him? 
94Have you seen the play performed? What did you think of the director’s decisions? 
95Why does Shakespeare choose to give Caliban poetry to speak if he is wild? 
96How would Catcher in the Rye’s impact change if it were in a third person perspective? 
97What do you think about the paradox evident in Wilfred Owen’s poetry?
98Find the significance of Keats’s Nightingale in Eliot’s the wasteland and Fitzgerald’s writing
99Discuss Beowulf, particularly from a contextual point-of-view and then to compare the ideas of revenge with Hamlet.
100The role of woman in chaucerian poetry
101Do you subscribe to the view that Jane Austen actually hates people?
102Let’s talk for a moment about the nature of tragedy
103Why sentences with the same meaning can have very different connotations 
104What is the purpose of literature within society”
105Write a better definition of a simile
106Do you think Shakespeare was incapable of writing a more complex play at this point in his career?