1Would anything remain in Geography if we took the notion of place away? 
2Why should we conserve? 
3Why do you think Bavaria has the lowest breastfeeding rate in Germany? 
4Where's our local limestone deposit? 
5Where should physical and human geography be looked at together? 
6What would make anyone want to settle in a place such as Iceland?  
7What is the role of maps in modern day society? 
8What is the relevance of physical geography to human geography? 
9What is the population of Croydon? 
10What do you think about those who regard global warming as nonsense? 
11what did I notice about vegetation on the side of the a34 Newbury bypass? (I went past there on the way to oxford)  
12What are the issues surrounding world debt? 
13Is nature natural? 
14Imagine you are hosting the BBC4 Radio Show on New Year's Day, what message would you send to the people using this programme? 
15If I would describe maps as an example of unreal realism. How would you react to that statement? 
16If I were to visit the area where you live, what would I be interested in? 
17How does Geography relate to A Midsummer Night’s Dream? 
18How does drama relate to geography? 
19Give and explain some environmental impacts of industrial agriculture? 
20Explain cliff formation after looking at a photograph. How can computers aid geographers in understanding such processes? 
21Define risk? 
22Compare the effects of live 8 to those of live aid. 
23Compare avian influenza to hurricanes.  
24Are there any articles you’ve read in the paper recently that are relevant to physical geography? 
25Are fair trade bananas really fair? 
26Whether I thought that the 3rd world could ever compete on a global market
27Whether Geography had died a death and should we just as well just go on holiday and take pictures of pretty things? 
28Suburbanisation and the urban renaissance
29When the last ice age was. 
30The issues I would address if I was damming a river in Africa, the consequences it would have.
31What causes global warming
32Does being part of the EU help our flood management
33What dissertation work could you carry out in a glaciated valley.
34When does a book/text stop being literature and become media?
35Can Human Geography be taught without any Physical knowledge?
36What is neo-classical?
37What flaws are there with maps?
38What Geographical issues are particularly topical where you live?
39We talked about the possibility of another Ice Age and the disruption of the Gulf Stream.
40What’s a rendzina soil? How deep is a rendzina soil? 
41How do we know that Abergavenny was glaciated? What glacial features did you notice in the Abergavenny landscape?
42Why is Limits to Growth wrong? 
43Why don't we just let areas flood?
44Should we tax airport fuel? 
45How do you decide how much land should be conserved?
46What exactly is environmental degradation? 
47Can you change the environment without destroying it?
48 Is soil erosion ever a positive thing? 
49Should we conserve the environment? When is the outcome of damaging the environment positive? 
50What’s an example of an unsuccessful urban regeneration scheme? 
51Do you find the idea of fluvial morphology, a very physics based subject, scary?
52In how many years will a population double in size 
53I was to describe the area in which I live, and then how I would improve it. We also discussed population, resources, transnational companies, inner city issues, one or two other things 
54If you and two other people were to measure the discharge in different parts of a river without any high-tech equipment, how would you do it?