1Is maths something you are born with?
2Do animals have any awareness of maths?
3How are animals different to humans?
4Why do parents look after their children?
5Do you think it is strange that you have to do a paper on animal behaviour?
6What is the difference between animals and humans?
7Are there genes for parental care?
8Why are humans so interesting?
9How does teaching yourself psychology work?
10Why I thought infant mortality rates might be rising and declining in different countries.
11Is shopping the new religion?
12How can we tell by looking at stone tools and metal objects from the ancient civilizations and hunter gatheres, that they had a language? 
13How important is a nuclear family in today’s society? 
14Is it ethically right to manipulate a feotus? How would this effect the gene pool of society?
15How would u carry out an anthropological study into wedding cakes 
16Do u think its ethical to impose out westernised culture on nepal
17Where do diseases come from 
18What causes mental illness
19What is a species
20What's wrong with saying people are normal
21How does natural selection work?