1your old aunt Ethel has given you too much money for your birthday and you're aware of her mistake. she's getting on a bit so what should you do? what does that law require you to do?  
2you’re in a desert and 2 enemies are working independently. one poisons your water bottle, the other then tips the water out (not knowing it was poisoned). you walk out into the desert and die of thirst. which one is guilty of murder?  
3if there is a baby in a supermarket with a bomb strapped to it, would you shoot the baby to save x no of people?  
4 if a man was in prison and dying, would it be right to kill him and give his organs to seven or so people?  
5If I said Manchester won a football match believing without a doubt that this was true but actually Chelsea won, was I lying? 
6If a bank manager tells me I have £100 in my account when I actually have £90, and I go out and spend £100 thinking I have that amount, who is at fault and should I have to pay the money back to the bank? 
7Who do you most admire and why?
8what is the meaning of life? 
9what is the difference between a rule, a command and a request? 
10a man, who is stuck in a burning house, calls to you and offers to pay you a lot of money if you save him. however, upon saving him, he refuses to pay you this money. can you sue him? 
11Should judges be able to over-rule decisions made by parliament? 
12How comfortable is that chair? 
13Does law create morality or does morality create law? 
14Do you think courts are like theatres?
15Where does the state have the right to violate privacy? 
16Compare these bottles of Tesco and Timotei shampoo. 
17Should anyone be able to serve on a jury? 
18If you could go back in time to any period of time when it would be and why? 
19Would you trade your scarf for my bike, even if you have no idea what state it’s in or if I even have one? 
20Is someone guilty of an offence if they did not set out to commit a crime but ended up in doing so? 
21Is wearing school uniform a breach of human rights? 
22Where do you see International Law in fifty years’ time? 
23What is reasonable belief? 
24If A gave B £100 thinking it was a loan and B accepted the money thinking it was a gift, should he give it back? 
25Smith sees Jones walking towards the edge of a cliff. Smith knows Jones is blind, but doesn;t like him, so allows him to walk off the edge. Is this murder? 
26What do you think the uses of traffic lights are? 
27Should judges have a legislative role? 
28Can a computer have a conscience? 
29Describe ‘respect for the freedom of conscience.’ 
30Can you imagine a world without laws? 
31If the punishment for parking on double yellow lines were death, and therefore nobody did it, would that be a just and effective law?   
32Explain Naomi Campbell's life?
33What is best: a written or non-written constitution?
34What is the difference between intention and foresight?
35What have you read in the papers recently that relates to international law?
36Reduction of an article of 1,300 words to 150-200 words.
37How do you think the House of Lords should be reformed?
38Define 'at fault'.
39Where does honesty fit into Law?
40Should the use of mobile phones be banned on public transport?
41Does a girl scout have a political agenda?
42What effect on the whole of society does someone crashing into a lamppost have?
43If my friend locks me in a room, and says I am free to come out whenever I like as long as I pay £5, is this a deprivation of liberty?
44If a wife had expressed distaste for it previously, would her husband’s habit of putting marmalade in his egg at breakfast be grounds for divorce?
45What does it mean for someone to ‘take’ another's car?
46What are the for and against arguments for bicycle helmets?'
47Property law - discussions and problems on ownership
48Questions on the Kyoto agreement
49Internet privacy
50The Human Rights Act - discussion of its implications
49The jury system - pros and cons
50If a policeman makes a mistake, what should be done?
51Osama bin laden and what they should have done with him if he was caught alive
52If there are 3 men in a boat, they are stranded with enough water for 2, 2 of the men throw the other over...is it murder?
51Siamese twins - discussion of rights of either one and separation
52Pinochet and a comparasism of him and maggie thatcher
53Why was Hitler able to establish a dictatorship – his actions, or the actions of others? 
54Would you buy the defence of the judges at the Nuremberg trials? 
53Suppose that you sell a car for 500 from your own driveway. The purchaser drives off down the road, but 10 feet along the car stops. He looks inside and there’s a lawmower engine. He comes back , demands his money back, but is told “tough luck, you signed this contract”. You’re a judge – who do you find for? If it was sold though a car dealership, would it make a difference? If the fault was nothing obvious (problem in the fuel system), but ended up seriously injuring the buyer, who would you find for? This time, you sell the car, and it’s fine, but you’re paid with counterfeit money by a crook. He then takes it across town, sells it on, and flees the country. You’re the judge again – who do you award the car to, the original seller or the second buyer?
54Why should justice not be retributative?
55Are you going to get a First?
56Why French and English were good subjects to prepare for the study of Law
55Who should get compensation for the Hillsborough disaster
56Land rights for natives – e.g. whether aborigines should be compensated for the land that was taken away from them. 
57The law of homicide - a discussion
58Do you enter a contract when you get on a bus? 
57What is the difference between Euthanasia and Assissted suicide?
58One of the scenarios involved a murder where a man stabbed another man in his sleep. The murderer didn’t know that his victim had already died in his sleep from a heart attack. Should the stabber be convicted of murder?
59‘All’s fair in love and war’ – what do you think that means?
60What is ‘necessity’?
61Are there any times when a defence of necessity would not be appropriate? 
49Is it right to torture a terrorist in order to gain information that may save millions of westerners?
50Freedom of speech discussion