1why can you not see many stars when you stand on top of a mountain?  
2what leaves you drier if it's raining: running or walking?  
3how would you design an experiment to disprove the existence of god  
4how would I solve the aids crisis in south Africa 
5how many people believe in evolution in the united states? 
6how many moles of h2o is there in that cup of water? (tutor randomly pointed at his cup on the table) 
7how does the body try to remove or recognise poison? 
8calculate what volume of wine can be drunk to reach the legal concentration of alcohol in the blood for driving 
9I’m going to play devil's advocate. how do these prions actually affect the brain 
10Why don't we just have one ear in the middle of our face 
11What is your opinion on spontanteneous human combustion? 
12what does the letter b stand for in b-lymphocyte? 
13if you could invite any 2 people alive or dead to a dinner party, who would they be and why 
14if you are in a boat in a lake and throw a stone out of the boat, what happens to the level of the water? 
15If urine was emptied into the intestine instead of the bladder, what would happen? 
16if I was given a magic wand and I could eradicate all third world problems but would have to stop all medical research and development, would I do it?  
17how would you design a better brain 
18how many genes are there in the genome of a rice plant? 
19how is a city like a cell? 
20how can reindeer tell the difference between spring and autumn? 
21 before my interview, when I got to the interview room 10 minutes early, the door was locked and there was a note to candidates instructing them to enter the room and sit beside the chymograph! I thought it was a test and a part of the interview
22At what point is a person "dead"?
23Why do we have red blood cells?
24Why does your heart rate increase when you exercise?
25What is a tree? 
26How would you determine whether leukaemia patients have contracted the disease because of a nearby nuclear power station?
27Can you describe an experiment to differentiate between a normal and a multi-resistant strain of bacteria?
28How would you simulate altitude in your living room?
29Should someone sell their kidney?
30How would you describe a human to a person from Mars?
31What do you like most about the brain?
32What's the greatest medical innovation this century?
33What did you learn from your work experience?
34What do you think of the state of the NHS? What would you do to improve it?
35Show what happens to the membrane potential of an animal cell when put in different solutions.
36Draw another one.
37Draw a cross section of a bicycle wheel.
38Draw a graph to illustrate learning against time/ stage in life.
39Describe what happens when a neuron is excited and the action potential that follows.
40Given a skull: what animal is this, describe the teeth and why they are like that etc.
41If I were a grapefruit, would I rather be seedless or non-seedless?
42Why is it a disadvantage for humans to have two legs?
43Why does your heart rate increase when you exercise?
44How would you poison someone without the police finding out?
45How would you measure the weight of your own head?
46So how good are your teachers at school then?
47I got shown a drawing of nerves from them ear to the auditory centre and asked to explain why it was like that.
48Why are manholes round?
49What keeps you awake at night?
50What makes a good doctor?
51Questions on the ethics of Professor von Haegan’s televised dissection
52What I thought the biggest advances in medicine in the past twenty years were 
53What diseases were the biggest killers
54How blood is returned to the heart.
55Explain how embryonic stem cells differentiate into specialised tissue and this led on once again to questions on the ethics of this.
56Take him through the process of evolution with reference to the shells he had in front of him. 
57What a species was and how speciation took place
58What is negative feedback? Give me an example of negative feedback. 
59Explain the antagonistic roles of insulin and glucagon. 
60Give me an example of positive feedback in the human body.
61What is an isotope?
62Why are some isotopes unstable? 
63What radioactive particles does the tritium isotope emit?
64What is simple harmonic motion? Give me an example of simple harmonic motion.
65List the thermodynamic laws. Can you connect any one of these laws to biological systems?
66What disease in the uk is the biggest killer?
67What diseases are associated with obesity? 
68What cancers are associated with obesity? Why? 
69What causes diabetes? 
70I got given some graphs showing insulin concentration in the blood to talk about.
71I was given a can of Heinz Baked Beans to talk about!
72I was given various pictures (a brain scan, a LM of small intestine, an EM of a pancreas cell) and they asked me questions about them and then on the theory and principles behind them
73Why dont proteins fall out of membranes
74I was asked to explain the membrane (biphospholipid layer) and also what would I do to prove that it really is that.
75What links cancer and stem cells.
76How does a cell know when to die? 
77How does a DNA signal tell a cell to die. 
78Some about insulin about how cells signal to each other
79What happened when you reduce an aldehyde
80 I had to draw a Hess’s law cycle on a board
81What dna coded for
82How are proteins made 
83Born Haber Cycle
84Combustion of propane
85Test for Aldehydes and Ketones and the chemical reactions involved
86The SALLY ANNE test in psychology
87How blood is deliverd to a foetus.
88Greenhouse effect and global warming
89Microwaves and Radiation 
90Many on Heart. (mechanism)
91An exponential graph to draw showing the spread of a disease.
92DNA and amino acids
93Blood, receptors, etc
94Which of these organs do you think it would be easiest to transplant? Why? Which would be the most difficult? Why?
95Look at this image. Which type of blood vessel does it show? How do you know?
96What do you know about the prevention of cardiovascular disease?
97How could we slow down the rate of atherosclerosis?
98What are angioplasties?
99How could we prevent stunts used in operations from being rejected by the body?
100What are the main problems associated with the NHS? How could we combat these problems?

101How does blood go around the body, Why does it, What makes it go around
102The pressure in the foot is three times higher than that in the heart …why is that?
103How would you go about designing a hip replacement?
104Lots about benzene
105How does an X-ray work? 
106What happens when someone has a heart attack? 
107What could I see from an X ray I was given?
108Oxygen dissociation curves
109Identify structures on an electron micrograph of an intestinal epithelial cell
110How cells know which way up they are
111The effect of certain substances on blood pressure
112What cancer was and treatments
113Do you know what DNA methylation is?
114Do computers think?
115What makes a good teacher?
116What is the biggest killer(disease condiation etc)? How would you decrease number of deaths form this? Once this is eliminated what is next? How could this be dealt with? 
117Identify areas of electron microscope sections
118 Why are humans made of carbon? What else might they be made of?
119If you were head of the WHO, what would you concentrate on?
120 Is AIDS overhyped? 
121What causes high blood pressure? 
122How do embryos differentiate? 
123Apply ohms law to a graph? 
124What is nitric oxide?
125How do you divert yourself from medicine? 
126What in your opinion is the worst and best thing about medicine? 
127What can a doctor do for a patient near the end of their life? 
128How would you disinguish between salt and sugar without tasting them 
129One on the famous mouse leptin experiment
130My views on cloning
131Body’s response to virus
132Cancer screening (breast, cervical, prostate)
133Heart disease
134Why do the colours and states of the halogens change from Fluorine to Iodine? 
135How would the force between two charges change if you placed a lump of plastic/electrolyte between them? 
136What factors affect metabolic rate?
137How are you coping with your Open University studies? 
138How do you motivate yourself?
139Why do all cells have a death wish?
140Define disease
141About genetic engineering
142Why do we get cancers
143Drug testing
144What is a disease?
145What ways can diseases hurt us?
146What causes cancer?
147Something about the immune system
148What sort of diseases aren’t caused by external sources?
149Something about evolution
150How would you kill an egg?
151How do frogs breathe?
152What is funny about a duck-billed platypus?
153Something about blood and diffusion and oxygen transport and adaptations of mammals/amphibians.
154The workings of the kidney
155How to go about with a scientific investigation. 
156How would i go about verifying that a patient had kidney problems
157How many distinct codons can be made if each codon is 2 bases long?
158What are the sense and non-sense lengths of DNA called?
159How is a protein synthesised? 
160Why does prgrammed cell death occur? 
161What is stress biologically
162What would I do if I were Health minister
163How do viruses spread and mutate
164What do you know about AIDS? 
165What is this a model? (waves model of amino acid.)
166Tell me about proteins. How are they produced from DNA?
167What determines how tall we grow? 
168How does bone form? 
169Why, when you stare at something that’s red and green, are the colours reversed when you then look at a white background?
170You have a glass of water with some ice floating in it. The ice melts. What happens to the water level; does it go up, down or stay the same? Why?
171What ways do we have of looking inside the body?
172Here’s a graph of rates of two forms of an illness in a certain area. Describe them. How would you tell if this point was signficant?
173Why might the rate of this form have increased while the other stays constant? How would you test this?
174What genetic diseases can you name?
175What would be the chances of you getting xxxx if your dad had it? 
176Here’s a drawing of a microbe, what’s this? What does it need it for?
177When someone’s hyperventilating, what do you get them to do? Why? What would happen to blood pH then? 
178Asked to describe the experiment which proves that DNA replicates semi-conservatively. 
179If you were an explorer and you found the same animal on two islands, what might you conclude?
180Suppose you have some gas in a cylinder, and this is compressed a distance x by a piston of cross-sectional area A. Find an expression for the work done on the gas.
181Can you prove the inverse square law?
182Concentrations of substances after progressive dilutions
183DNA replication and the action of DNA polymerase
184Epidemiology and public health
185Hyperventilating affecting the pH of blood
186Give proof of semi-conservative replication of DNA in an experiment
187Bacteria and a bowl of soup
188Furry animals on islands in the pacific, and how would I investigate if there was any relationship between them, and how they might have got from one island to another.
189Membranes and the passage of substances across
190An experiment to measure the speed of transmission of nervous impulses along a nerve
191 HIV virus
192Cell differentiation
193Describe a study to see if frequent flyers have more breast cancer
194Monoclonal anitbodies
197Sodium potassium channels
198The liver
199How can we prove blood flows round the body and back to the heart
200How to disprove mmr claims (claims that MMR causes autism)
201What to do if one person is found with smallpox?
202Respiratory system 
203 X rays and how they work
204Genetics related diseases
205The different types of diabetes and how you might increase your chances of getting it. 
206Whether the NHS should operate on fat people
207What would I say to a patient who needed an operation but was overweight.
208Analysing graphs based on heart and lung function 
209How to deal with patient who is scared about an operation.
210There was a news story at the time about patients who were overweight being refused operations on the NHS, was asked pros and cons of this. 
211Question about patient confidentiality, and whether there were cases when it would not apply.
212Whether all swans were white, and devising and experiment to test whether they were.
213Discussion about genetics (molecular rather than mendelian)
214Discussion about bacteria and viruses.
215Cell signalling
216Immunology - A-level standard
217Alleles - what are they
218Difference between a cure and healing
219Amino acid and immune system response.
220Distribution of money for research
221Altitude sickness
222Blood composition
223Rates of reaction
224Gene therapy
225Tissue typing
226Why is a column of falling water, eg from a tap, thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom? 
227Why do babies get colder than adults?
228Devise an experiment to see if Na + ions could pass through the plasma membrane of a brain cell
229What a hormone was and how it initated a response in a cell. 
232Plasma membranes - what affects what can get across
233Design an experiment to see if glucose can get thru.
234Problems with organ donor
235What goes on in a patients mind.
236Electron micrographs
237What are your views on abortion and euthanasia? 
238What would you do in <…> emergency situations?
239Estimating blood volume
240Identify death rates
241Reasons for amnioscentesis
242Bird behaviour
243Drug testing - discuss how and why
244Photoelectric effect and compton scatter
245Designer babies
246Prove root 2 is irrational.
247If you tie a helium balloon on a car, how is the balloon’s motion as the car is moving
248Describe a drug/medicine you know and how it functions
249If I have a new medicine, it function well during experiments, but when a patient eats it, it is functionless, why?
250Hypertension- why is it lower in the summer than in the winter
251About evidence-based medicine
252Shown a random bone + asked to suggest what it was/this led on to a discussion
253What physiologically is stress?
254Asked to discuss a genetic diagram involving Huntington’s disease
255Asked to continue a genetic diagram about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Then asked what I knew about it. Then given a graph to interpret. 
256Talk about diabetes and describe how insulin is secreted from a cell. 
257Asked about CHD, its effects, and whether it is better to spend money researching CHD or Lung Cancer. 
258Advice to smokers?
259Asked about scenario involving a Bangladeshi patient who cannot speak English. 
260Homeostasis - discussion of examples
261Heart transplants - pros, cons, risks, methodology
262Why is the Galapogas islands good to study evolution
263How does a plane fly
264Why should we get rid off poverty?
265Explain the distribution of AIDS. 
266A problem about oxygen levels and pressure in the brain
267Muscles - discussion of how they work
268About the kidney, and how could we determine experimentally how the kidney controls blood cell count
269About meningitis
270Find molarity of water. 
271Talked about PET scanning. 
272Talked about head of Glaxo and pahrma drugs becoming less effective. Disussion on side effects
273Talked about pacemaker cells in heart
274“You have a foetal head in a large conical flask” find circumference of head!