1Writing about music is like dancing about architecture. Discuss.
2why haven't there been many French operas?  
3Why has music developed the way it has? 
4Why do black men say that white men can't rap? 
5Which venue do you most like to play in acoustically? 
6What would your desert island disc be? 
7if you were sent to a desert island to study composition, which 3 composers' works would you take with you and why?  
8If you could invent a new musical instrument, what kind of sound would it make?
9How is music related to free will? 
10How had the piano developed by the time of Beethoven? 
11How do you think the current economic climate will affect music? 
12How did Wagner’s operas influence the history of Western music?
13How are Vivaldi’s ritornellos different to Bach’s ritornellos? 
14do you think the type of bow a violinist uses can affect our understanding of a piece?  
15Do you feel that music is an art incomparable to history in that history cannot be performed?
16Consider Girls Aloud and football anthems with reference to functionality of music. 
17What’s sonata form?
18Who’s your favourite composer? Why, how many piano pieces did he write, and loads of other things
19Music – mostly on the scores. Most questions of the what/why? format, e.g “What instruments are unusual/why are they there?” 
18Had to analyse a beethoven scherzo and trio
19Had to name keys
20 Put classical composers in order
19Is there a virtue in repetition?
20Had to sight read a string quartet excerpt and harmonise a melody at the piano.
21About mozart operas and gregorian chant.
20Compare Ralph Vaughan Williams with Copland
21About Vivaldi and string quartets.
22Keyboard and aural tests
21How different aspects of music could be improvised
22A gender debate in Beethoven’s 1st piano sonata
23Why German is a useful subject to study when doing music
22How the sonata developed through the classical era
23Improvise some variations on a given bass line
24Play a Bach chorale all the way through given only the melody and a few figures
23They also handed me a Beethoven sonata and made me analyse the harmony, etc.