1why do you think the birth rate in the usa is declining? 
2why do you think Chinese students obey their parents more than those in the uk?- think about historical traditions 
3what do you think of art for art's sake? what do you think of the turner prize? 
4I was given two pieces of Chinese art and asked to comment on the similarities between them (and there were hardly any!) 
5how can Buddhists believe in anatta (no permanent self) and also in karma and rebirth? 
6how can china be so materialistic, and yet be one of the biggest Buddhist countries in the world if Buddhism teaches non attachment? 
7Why does the word 'God' and 'I' have a capital letter? 
8Do you think Chairman Mao would be proud of the China of today?
9Relationship between European and Middle Eastern cultures
10compare the Ottoman Empire with the Roman
11 Spanish language history
12Influence of different languages on eachother
13How are new words coined in the Irish language?
14The Japanese language is clearly fascinating for you, but is it so for Japanese people?
15Talked about Cultural Revolution and Mao
16Why I thought kung-fu was better than Japanese martial arts 
17Mandarin history
18Chinese economic policy
19Asian literature
20Far East communist politics
21What are the advantages/disadvantes of the dilution of Classical Arabic with colloquial dialects in the Arab World today?
22Use the word ‘which’ in four different ways.
23Do you think Iago [from Othello] is a 2D character?