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International Baccalaureate

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Decisions about the application

My answer is rather simple: the course, some student societies, several papers and finally the ambinece of Cambrige itself.

In my case it was simple as both universities propose different approach to the course of Anthropology and Archaeology, and after a thorough analysis I decided that Cambrige course appeals to me better.

I am interested in different cultures, I enjoy talking with people and asking a lot of questions and I like to spend my time imagining and reading on how it is to live in Siberia or in Mongolia or on Svalbard ;). Therefore, the choice was obvious.

I like to be socially involved and King’s is considered to be active college. During my interview visit, I was enthralled to the people.



Well choose the right course, be passionate about it and read a lot (but this is a natural implication of the previous condition).





We had one hour essay. Don’t worry about it! Questions were great – allowed creativity and analytical approach. I remember only three exam questions:
1) “There is no society, only families and individuals” (Thatcher). Discuss.
2) How would you persuade government to donate on archaeological research? (but I am not sure whether it was literally as quoted)
3) The question asked about love from the perspective of a society and biology.

It is really enjoyable experience. The professors are very supportive and there is no need of being worried.

Most of the time we tackled anthropology and discussed aspects of leading anthropological fieldwork. I was asked about books I read on my own, which correspond to anthropology course. Majority of questions was based on my personal statement. Therefore, I advise to prepare properly. I also asked my friends to read the statement and ask me questions on it. Interestingly, my friends foresaw majority of questions.

– What books on social anthropology did I read?
– Rest of the questions referred to my personal statement. There was one which I found especially challenging, the professor asked me about possibilities of leading research in my school.

Skirt, blouse, sweter


I loved it! All other applicants I met were very interesting to talk to. The atmosphere is very friendly. I even befriended with a person, who was cleaning my room!

Great! I enjoyed their warmth and empathy.

Looking back

Of course

1. Be passionate
2. Remember to find a lot of fun in what you are doing!
3. Never take the approach that applying to Oxbridge is your ultimate goal, it should be rather a side-effect of your interest in particular area! (I hope it does not sound boring – well, truth saves us from being kitsch!)