Other qualifications




 Comprehensive School

Non-selective state 11-18 school

 yes (9 A,1 B)

Other qualifications

Leaving Cert Higher level Maths, English, Irish, French, Physics, Biology, Art, Applied Maths – 7A’s B in Irish

Other universities



University College Dublin (if I get the points), Dublin Institute of Technology and then either Queens Belfast or Civil Engineering in UCC

Decisions about the application

Just in case I’d regret it later

Never looked at Oxford, just fell in love with Cambridge. Also Oxford doesn’t offer Architecture

In town but fairly hidden from tourists (I walked past when looking for it!) and oh so pretty to boot



Help with personal statement, portfolio and some practise interviews

Be individual, stick out from the crowd and make sure you say what you think is most important

Work hard on your portfolio and take an interest in all aspects of design – know what you like.






First was quite informal with college admissions second was more tense with two tutors where they looked at my portfolio

They asked a lot about the Leaving Cert course but generally responded to what I said both there and then and on my application

Skirt, jumper and big high boots – for the power!


Really beautiful, really friendly and quite relaxed – a little oasis!

Friendly and open

Lovely, great to chat to before interviews and a really ecclectic bunch

Final stage

On New Years Eve, in bed, opened it, saw the word unfortunately and was fairly gutted. I burned it later.

Looking back

Maybe – the experience was class but the disappointment was tough too – probably yes

Be different, be confident and have a reason to be confident – work hard