History of Art


 pooled, rejected






 Independent – selective

 yes (1 A*,4 A,4 B)


(NA at AS; predicted B; gained A at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted B; gained A at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

English Literature A2 prediction – stated as A/B

Other universities



Am going to another university which was my equal 1st choice with Cambridge

Decisions about the application

Good course, had the ambition and and curiosity to thrive there

Oxford didn’t do my course

Small friendly good location and reputation



Not in my subject but some overall advice

The forms aren’t as daunting as they first seem. Don’t make up stuff to seem better, just be honest and be yourself

Read a lot, see as many exhibitions as possible and look at the world around you. Even if you haven’t done the A Level, you still need to have a good knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject




3 essays in my subject that were the best ones written about a range of styles


Had 2 interviewers who did the ‘good cop bad cop’ routine which was quite off putting

About my GCSEs, my coursework for A Level, and on an art work I chose out of a selection of post cards

Grey trousers and a top that was comfortable, but not too formal


Did not go on the open day and it was deserted when I had my interview, but it seemed traditional yet friendly

not seen

Sleepy all in dressing gowns looking for some breakfast (quite a surreal sight)

Final stage

Letter said I was pooled, so not disappointed or ecstatic just annoyed I had to still wait

Looking back

Yes, but choose my college more carefully and go on open days

Even if very few people support your decision to apply, do it. Also, if you are pooled be proud that they recognised your talents but simply could not find room for you