New Hall (open application, allocated college)

 Chemical Engineering




 Other qualifications



 Trinidad and Tobago

 Comprehensive School

I attended an all-girls Presbyterian High School

 yes (8 A*,8 A)

Other qualifications

For A levels I did:
-Caribbean Studies
-Communication Studies

Other universities


Decisions about the application


Cambridge has a better reputation in chemical engineering and sciences. It also gave me the option of doing the first year in natural sciences.

I’m interested in the application of physics, chemistry and maths to solve practical problems

I sent an open application because I wasn’t sure which college to choose.



No, I had already graduated from high school when I applied.

Ensure that you revise your A-level syllabus thoroughly. That’s what slipped me up. Read around your subject as well-know about any current/outstanding events.




We had to fill out a form stting whether


The interviewers were very very friendly and easy going. They tried really hard to make me feel comfortable and at ease.

I had 2subject interviews. The irst one was chemistry based. I was asked why I chose to do chemical engineering. Then he asked me what was a scenario when chemical engineering was applied to solve a practical problem. I spoke about the Haber Process so he asked me to write the formula for the reaction and explain what the reaction conditions were and why they were so.
The other part was a few questions on organic chemistry and then I had to calculate the density of an atom of sodium chloride. He helped me along with the calculations

The second interview involved physics and maths. He actually asked me what my favorite topics in physics were, then asked me questions on those topics-dynamics, centripetal forces. I had to determine an expression for the relationship between the distance between cars driving along a street into a city, and the amount of cars entering the city per second. Then I had to draw graphs to illustrate it.
The maths part was some integration and differentiation.
He also asked some general questions about my personal statement etc.

I wore a long sleeved sweater and black slacks with heels- because I wanted to feel comfortable but not look too casual.


The surroundings were really beautiful, everyone seemed very friendly and welcoming.

The room was quite spacious with a bath and toilet en suite. I found out later that those rooms were the best in the college.

Really great- a wide variety, quite tasty

Very friendly, lovely

There seemed to be a family culture. They were friendly and chatty.

Final stage

I had a feeling of dread which began right after I had completed my interviews. I felt as if I had messed them up pretty badly so my hopes were not too high 🙁

I saw it on UCAS first..I was depressed for the entire day and only told a few close friends. The letter came in the post about a week later-then I told my parents.

Looking back

Yes I would. It was a great experience and I got a chance to visit England for the first time.

Ensure that you revise your syllabus well. Don’t psych out yourself about it too much, just enjoy the experience!