pooled, offer made (Lincoln)






 Independent – selective

 yes (9 A*,2 A)


(A at AS)

(A at AS)

(A at AS)

(A at AS)

(A at AS)

Advanced Extension Awards

(predicted NA; gained NA)

Cambridge STEP Maths

(predicted NA; gained 3)

Details about the offer


A in Chemistry





Obviously accpet the offer from Oxford, and pick another as a back-up. But tbh if you got into Oxford you should have no trouble getting 3 A’s, so the back-up is not important.

 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

Its the best and lots of people I know / family have been there.

Cambridge do Nat Sci, which is different to Chemistry since you have to do more subjects. I wanted to do just Chemistry. I was told by several people that if you know that you will want to do chemistry it is better to go for Oxford, rather than Nat Sci and then specilise in Chemistry.

Also Oxford is close to where I love, and easier to get into for Chemistry I think.

My favourite subject at school, and what I’m good at

I choose Merton because I went round it and it looked so nice. I got an offer from Lincoln, which is also lovely.
I dont think it is too important where you apply for Chemistry since you get shuffled round a lot and if your good enough then another college will probably accept you.



I got 2 practice interviews, but only one was a Chemistry one. (One general)

Try and get a practice Chemistry interview, but in the end you will get different Q’s, so it is of limited use.

Dont spend lots of time practicing answers to general Q’s (like about work experience or stuff), since you will not be asked about it (or if you are it will be for 30 secs at the start).

Definatly revise what you have been doing recently and the basic AS stuff. Shapes of molecule is a good one to look at. Also revise some maths – integration and differentiation. YOU WILL BE ASKED A MATHS Q.

Above all just try to relax and not get to worked up about the whole thing!





I had 3 at Meton, then 1 the next day at Lincoln.
The maths (physical) interview at Merton went very badly, but the organic and inorganic went well. The interview at Linciln went well.

talking about nitration of benzene, which I hadn’t done, so we did bromination of benzene instead. Numbers of possible geometric isomers. General mechanisms. <– look at mehcanisms before you go!!

orbital hybridisation

The graph of sin(x)/x – I completely mucked this up. Your need to think about it slowly and not rush in like I did. It looks siple but in an interview its much much harder! 😀
simple diff / int
estimate the mass of a sugar lump (this is fructose not glucose! – he said everyone got that wrong!)

suit. As were all the boys

definatly go smart. A suit is definatly recomended. They say whetever is comfortable, but a suit sends the right signals


Boths were nice olf dolleges, and my room at Merton was very nice. Would recommend both

Food at Merton is very good. 3 hots meals a day.

All but one were very nice, and don’t mind if you go wrong, as long as you corrrect yourself. SMILE AT THEM!

veryvery helpful and nice

Final stage


Looking back

yes. definatly