St John’s


 2002 (deferred entry)

 offer made


 ‘Asian’ A-levels



 Korea (North)

 Grammar School

 yes (12 A*,1 A)

‘Asian’ A-levels

(predicted A; gained A)

(predicted A; gained A)

(predicted A; gained A)

(predicted A; gained A)

(predicted A; gained A)

(predicted A; gained A)

‘S’ Papers

(predicted Distinction; gained Merit)

S Mathematics is called Special Paper for people talented at this. It is the equivalent of Cambridge STEP examinations.

Details about the offer


A in French, A in German, B in Higher Chinese

Attend Greek Summer School



 offer met

Decisions about the application

Pleasant surroundings.

More pleasant surroundings.

This is my favourite pursuit.

St John’s have really nice and friendly boys who do not row or make noise like Emmanuel college boys.



I was homeschooled in Latin.

Learn your subject well.




1 composition from English into French, and another into German.


I had to translate an extract of P. Ovidi


Parse ‘rebus’? How many declensions are there? How many latin cases are there excluding the vocative? Hence deduce how many were in Proto Indo European? Give a few meanings of the word ‘Quibus’? What peculiarity does this word possess in the respect of its relation to a certain preposition? Which personal pronouns share this wonderful property? On the subject of personal pronouns, name two intensifying enclitics affixed thereto? Why shouldn’t we stack enclitics? What detrimental effects does this have to our Latinity? What do you feel about the lack of distinct aorist form in Latin? “Latin is far from the pristine, perfect, sanctified tongue it is portrayed to be” – using your knowledge of defective verbs, obsolete particles and lack of perfect active participle, comment on this statement? Compare the use of Chinese particles, particularly “ma”, “ba” and “le”, to that of Latin? Iulius Caesarne invented a particular form of “sum”? Hence deduce this formerly wanting form?
Why did you pick St. John’s college?

Waterproof jersey, trainers (had to run to interview).


Extremely friendly and less boaties.

Like a palace compared to that to which I am wont.

I was unaccustomed to this food.

Really friendly and they weren’t as intensive as my latin tutor.

Really friendly, the friendliest college I heard.

Final stage

It took me a couple of weeks by ferry to get back home, so my sickness was multiplex!

I reached for the sky.

Looking back

Yes, of course.

Don’t be nervous at your interview, they are less stressful than you think. They aren’t there to give you ridiculous questions. They are there to help and to determine your true potential and to help you reach for the sky.