Hughes Hall

 Computer Science


 offer made


 Other qualifications




 FE College


Other qualifications

A level spanish and an ACCESS course IT

Details about the offer


24 points on the ACCESS and E grade in spanish.



 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

There where many reasons,
1st i wantend to know if an mature ACCESS student could reach so high,
2nd i did it as a challenge to my self and
3rd i wanted the best.

Cambridge was ranked as number 1 for computer science so it influenced in my choice.

After making a few phone call to all the mature colleges Hugh Hall gave me the most positive answer and it had a new building in development.







Yes, and you cant prepare as it was a complete random test.

I had 1 interview with 2 people, the admissions and the course tutors. I came super prepared with months of studying about computers and guess what happened, they asked me 0 questions about computers, they set me out with 7 logic questions to work out i got 5 out of 7 and needed help with the other 2 until finally i worked them out. The tutors where very friendly and helpfull.

5 mathematical questions 1 3D orientation question 1 article reading question

Jumper, shirt, trousers and shoes, smart casual


The college was in a nice quiet place with a brand new building being constructed as an extension with new dinning hall, library and sleeping accommodations.


Like a restaruant

Very friendly

Future Dr’s

Final stage

I saw it and it look thicker and biger than a notmal letter so i rushed to open it and it was an offer, a big smile came across and it took little to broadcast to all my friends and family.

Looking back

Yes, he who dare wins, never loose hope.