Computer Science








 FE College

 yes (3 A*,1 A,2 B,3 C,1 D,1 E/F/G/U)


(A at AS)

(A at AS)

(A at AS)

(A at AS)

Other universities


Decisions about the application

For the reputation, I was thinking of my future.

Most people say the teaching standards but I feel that otehr universities are just as good (Warwick or York is my second choices)

Oxford is a University built in a city and cambrige is a city built around a university. I Decide I would like the proper city more so I appied for oxford.

Also I thought that the oxford prospectus was much easier to understand and it made oxford look better

I didnt choose it but after spending 3 days there I fell in love with it. It is central so everything is really near by and the people there are so friendly



NO!!!!! I found the test paper from the website and tried it all on my own(it was much easier than the real thing). It was the first interview I had ever had

Dont lie on your personal statment, know about what you said you do. You have to do more than the formulas and the methods of maths, you have to understand why things work and how things work. YOu have to be able to think about problems and to use nre than one area of amths at a time. You can never over prepare for the test and the interviews. I studied all my file since the day I got the letter telling me I was being considered by oxford and I still found it tough





I had a 2.5 hour maths exam that was the same for the maths applicants even though I applied for Computer science. I prepared by looking over my work and looking at the past paper on the internet.

It doesnt matter how much maths you know, nothing can prepare you for the maths exam. I met people who already had 2.5 A levels in maths who still found it tough

I had 2 interviews, 1 in Exeter and 1 in Jesus.
After getting there on the sunday we were made to sit the test, the test was probably the hardest bit, it was way harder than the practice paperI had done and every one seemed much smarter than me by what they told me afterwards.

My first interview was the next day, every one was really nervous and afterwards they all came out and told me what they had had in the interview, this helped a lot, just make sure you understand what you say in the interivews or tehy really come down hard on you. THe interview wass with 2 people sitting at a huge square table with one person at either side of me. the interview started with the computer science lecturer asking me a few provblem solving questions. These were easier than I thought but even when I had problems I was able to ask for help.

The next interview was with another collage so I did not know what to expect, There was only one person interviewing me which I found much worse. It was much tougher than teh last interview, the questions were much more dificult and teh man was being really nasty to me, he was really digging deep into what i said, he was looking for problem areas and exploiting them

Over all the interviews are not as bad as they sound, just stay calm and you will do fine. Relax and treat them as a normal lesson, I learnt more in oxford than I did in school during this term

In exeter i was asked about teh series 1,1,(2),[3],5,(8),13,[21]…. I was asked wh every number in brackets() was even and why every number in [] brackets was a multiple of 3, I was then asked if the pattern continued for the next numbers. After this I was asked about a question I got wrong in the test(they had a lot of questions to choose from here after what I heard) The next interview (With the nasty man) This interview started with us sitted in 2 comfortable chairs where he asked me about my personal statment and why I got an E and a D in my GCSE’s, he kept asking me questions about it until I told him what he wanted to hear(they seem to be good at working their way around problems untill you dont know what you are saying and you tell them somthing that you wanted to keep secret. After what I had said in my personal statment had been totally ripped apart he went on to maths problemsI was given a formula and asked to use proof by induction to show that the formula I had found was true(this was the worst bit since i had never heard of proof by induction and when I told him this he gave me a quick description of what it ment and he told me to do it anyway) The second iterview was a very bad interview compared to what I have been told by other people who seemed to get very easy sounding interviews.

I didnt bother dressing up too tidy, I didnt want to wear a suit and tie so I wore tidy trousers and a sweatshirt. There were people in suits there but not many of them, every one seemed to wear what ever felt comfortable for them. People I knew that did get in were wearing tracksuits and jeans. Remember though, it is very very cold when you are wandering around on the streets at night and after interviews in other collages, Especially when you are asked to attend an interivew with another collage later in the day (Interviews dont finnish until 6pm)


I viseted most of the colages in oxford while I was at my interivews. Exeter was a lovely place, possible one of the better ones. Even though I only stayed in Exeter all of the others were really nice places and really beautiful

Exeter rooms seemed to vary quite a bit. My room was a single room, it was huge. Somthing like 11 foot by 13 foot. it had its own sink and all the furniture I could have needed, it even had a network point. Other people I met had shared rooms, these consisted of a huge lounge area and 2 small bedrooms.


The food was terrible, after the first day i never ate there again, remember there is a Mc donalds on the high street and there are a few good restaraunts in the area.

In exeter they were all very friendly and calming(from what I saw of them) They were always willing to help when I got in trouble during the interviews. My other collage: The guy was a monster, he looked for my weakness and tehn took advantage of it. He almost scared me, the questions were way above what I knew and he just let me make a huge mess

They were all really friendly, they were much more normal that I thought that they would be

Final stage

The wait for the letter to arive is actually worse than the actuall interivews, its even worse for the people whose letter doesnt arive(Quite a few people had this problem) and for the people who got accepted but had a misprint on the letter telling them that they have to do 2 more subjects to get into Oxford.

I got the rejection letter after I got home from collage (I dodged my last lesson) The next day I took it to collage to show it to every one, I didnt care, It was great fun at oxford and I met some great friends there who I will be joining in York next year.

Looking back

Yes of course I would apply again, its such a great experience to go to oxford for 3 days and meet so many great people. I will never forget my time in oxford, it was so much fun!

o for it, you havnt got anything to lose. Even if you dont get in only a very small percentage of the population have the ability to apply, and there are other universities with better teaching standards than oxford waiting for you if you dont get an offer.

Since spending 3 days in oxford, I have not lost touch with a single person I met there(not 1 person out of 20) You meet some great people and have some real fun, While you are there make sure you get to know people, they will really help you prepare for interviews and i felt much less nervous going into an interview knowing that my friends would be doing the same thing later.