Trinity Hall









 Independent – non-selective

 yes (4 A*,5 A,1 B)


(NA at AS; predicted B; gained NA at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

Other universities


Decisions about the application

They (teachers) said ‘aim high’. I did. As high as it would go.

First I thught Cam’, the Ox’and then finally Cam’. I thought it had a better reputation, was more known abroad and offered pure Economics rather than combined with managment, though with maths would have been preferred. Put simply, if I was told to go for the best I did, and cam’ was No. 1 at the time. I wasn’t really particularly bothered to be honest which I went to.

Opened the prospectus. There was Trinity Hall. I read the page, like it and applied. Besides, the alias ‘TIT hall’ sounded promising too.



Erm, one 5 minute ‘chat’ with the headmaster where he tore me to bits (not physically). As the school does not do Economics, we had about 3hrs total of ‘lectures’. The general impression was ‘you cannot prepare, make their task of stripping away the superficial crap as quick and painless as possible, it’ll be easier for you’.

You can’t. Don’t bother. I recommend reading a short and simple ALevel economis book so you actually know what they are on about. It’s actually quite interesting.





Arrived. Went to porters area, directed to the wellcome meeting, in an old room with a bunch of fellows and 15 lawyers, economists, PPE’ers and Natscies. Short BS speech ‘don’t worry etc etc’.
BTW: Cam’ fellows/dons ARE ‘strange’. All of them. Shown to the JCR and told where the Interviews were. Went to interview, got lost and arrived 1 minute late. Started knocking furiously on wrong door. Interviewer appeared behind me. I felt a tad silly. Anyway, went in and interview commenced. Same for the second one, though I didn’t get lost and knocked on the right door.

Amongst all the Economicsy things (GDP, real GDP, price elasticity, supply and demand, stock market, tech’ share valuations etc etc) in the subject interview, ‘what is quality’. Shit, think about, it’s not that easy when under pressure. Especially when he wants it to concern cars! I mention number of faults, longlivity, reliability etc etc. He brought up colour, comfort, features. I say that those are impossibe to measure. End up in slightly heated discussion. That was a good thing though. He mentioned that my chanced to get in for engineering would have been excellent (v.v.good design engineering teachers report) and why am I applying to do Economics if i had never studied it before. That gave me a hard time and initial probability of getting in – low. With the non-subject guy, a heated discussion on if the UK can afford the welfare state. Those who know me even a bit from AUA know I am slightly right wing. I think he was pretty left. Hence the heated discussion. Lots of other

Suit, polished shoes, nice tie. You can never be overdressed for something that could determine the rest of your life.


Nice. Old. ‘keep of the grass’ type of place. I did not really have time to look around.

Did not see any.


I got an invitation for a lunch Friday evening. And told that they needed to know at least a day in advance if I wanted one. My interview was the following Monday.

Strange. Quite amiable though.

I did not see any. I went for interview during the holidays.

Final stage

Right then. I woke up this morning and on my bed was lying a letter. I opened it, read “I am sorry to say…”. Looked at the envelope. Trinity
Hall’ stamp. Fuck it, a rejection. Went back to sleep.

Looking back

Yes, as i would have never known if I could have got in or not. It would have been a ‘what if’ niggle ever since.

Go for it. You have nothing to lose. Or you will never know.