Corpus Christi (open application, allocated college)

 Economics and Management

 2002 (deferred entry)



 International Baccalaureate




 Grammar School

 yes (8 A*,6 A)

International Baccalaureate

( predicted 1; gained 1)

( predicted 1; gained 1)

( predicted 1; gained 1)

( predicted 1; gained 1)

( predicted 1; gained 1)

( predicted 1; gained 1)

( predicted 3; gained 0)

Predicted 41 points + 3 extra points available

[Editor’s note: Applicant did not give individual breakdown of predicted grades by subject]

Other universities



Going to university of Heidelberg, Munich or Freiburg in Germany after my mlilitary service.

Decisions about the application

Reputation, tradition and standard.

Oxford is offering a management option.

Did not choose it! I was placed to Corpus Christi Oxford.



Interview advice.

Know current affairs.




Business & Management Coursework (Investment appraisal)

History Essay to schow analytical thinking skills


no real preparation
You could not really prepare, except studying game theory questions

2 interviews

game theory and text understanding

game theory questions + current affaires Enron scandal Is management a science?

polo shirt, sweater, favourite t-shirt under that. It’s my leisure wear.


good quality
good organization
friendly atmosphere

accommodation was good, rooms ca. 15 mË› + bathroom, desk, 2 wardrobes

Good… No!

Really nice and open to new aspects and viewpoints!

Friendly and helpful, one brought me a past test paper for my test preparation.

Final stage

I was sad, but I know that I am going back to a German university, Oxford was the alternative and not the other way round

Looking back

Yes, there is always a change and it was a brilliant experience to live in a college for some days.

Show them your full personality and do not try to be someone else. Be someone who is open and aware of a counterargument.