2007 (deferred entry)

 offer made


 Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers



 United Kingdom

 Independent – non-selective

State school up until sixth form


Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers

( predicted NA; gained A)

( predicted NA; gained A)

( predicted NA; gained A)

( predicted NA; gained A)

( predicted NA; gained A)

3 A-Levels: Maths, Phy, FM – AAA all done in one year after highers, was doing A-Level Chem, but dropped in April

Details about the offer


AAA in Maths, FM, Phy



 offer met

Decisions about the application

prestige, job prospects

Cam better for Eng

job prospects, enjoy Maths, Phy

school success rate



not as such, just a mock interview

learn how to sketch graphs properly, eg. involving exponentials, know mechanics and DE well (if studying DE),know basic A-Level/Higher Maths well get 5A1 at Higher, REALLY, REALLY be able to articulate your interest in engineering, including relevant, interesting, insightful examples, eg from New Scientist.







yes, TSA, basically a glorified IQ Test, never got my mark

very well, although made the odd stupid mistake

surprisingly, pretty much no Physics questions

not generic ones, tailored to the modules I was studying/PS eg. in essence why it’s easier to hit a shuttle than a tennis ball, although broken down into different parts of questions, but this was derived from my PS so don’t worry.

suit, it is an interview.


excellent place, in terms of prestige, ambitious ambiance and friendliness

basic room, quite small, bed, sink and mirror

in dining hall, free

helpful, friendly, encouraging

didn’t meet many (I was only really around the college for interviews) although there was a very friendly mathematician who showed me to a quiet room where I could prepare for interview.

Final stage

apprehension I suppose, although you have a good idea of the outcome post interview (one of my interviewers basically told me that they expected to make me an offer, which was encouraging and put me at ease).

I went to the door and opened the letter. (I was pleased)

Looking back


read New Scientist, can’t stress that enough