St Hugh’s

 English Language and Literature


 offer made





 United Kingdom

 Independent – selective

 yes (4 A*,5 A,1 B)


(A at AS)

(A at AS)

(A at AS)

(A at AS)

Details about the offer


A in English Literature





 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

mainly because of the tutorial system.

i preferred the fact that oxford seemed more like a proper town.

i’ve allways wanted to study english.

it seemed to have a friendly atmosphere, and not be too pretensious.



there’s no point in over-reading as the interviews are short, and more concerned with seeing how you think on your feet. be enthusiastic!





intimidating, but also quite exciting.

i had interviews at two colleges, and have realised that all tutors conduct them differently, according to their own style. For example one was condcuted like a tutorial, while the other was simply general questions about literature.

It ranged from “what is the purpose of literature within society” to “write a better definition of a similie” to specific questions about novels/plays/poems.

dark trousers and top for one, and the next day a black dress. really really not too smart at all.


they really tried to make you feel comfortable. everyone is nervous, and it was a bit awkward sometimes but still not a horrible experience at all.

they all differ as i visited some friends as well. mine was quite small but nice witha sink in the bedroom which was useful.


the first was very intimidating as i had read his book and he didin’t make much of a social effort, the second college were much friendlier and introduced themslves and they’re special subjects.

most people were very nervous, but also really keen to approach and talk to you.

Final stage

nervous, and really preparing myself for dissapointment.

i was at a friend’s house. was woken by my mobile, and it was the friendly tutor simply telling me to expect the letter soon, and that i’d been successful.

Looking back


try and enjoy it. keep in mind there is a huge element of luck. the bits i remember going well, were the bits i enjoyed talking about.