Corpus Christi

 English Language and Literature


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 Independent – selective

 yes (3 A*,3 A,6 B)


(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained B at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

Advanced Extension Awards

(predicted NA; gained Distinction)

(predicted NA; gained Merit)

Details about the offer



Accept Corpus!


Accept Corpus!

 offer met

Decisions about the application

Reputation is, admittedly, one, but it was more the reason why it has the reputation, e.g the tutorial system, the facilities, the heritage, the ambience…I wanted somewhere really to challenge me, to achieve the most I could…plus the tutors were cool. I also have family studying there

Always dreamt of Oxford as University, Better Course(Best in Country Officially)…More suited to my interests in terms of modules, teaching, Really liked the College and Tutors espec. on Open Day…Enamoured of the City too

Open Day was friendly, Students were normal, Tutors were enthusing, seemed stimulating, really wanted to study under them, Gave Best answers to my questions…College aesthetically too…Evberything really…and it was old(history) and small but vibrant



Not massively. the 1st time I applied, last year, they did. But this time it was v. much me left to my own devices. The school had no history as regards sending people to that College either, it was totally my decision. My teacher just checked over my essays broadly for any glitches i might have made…and that was it basically. No mock interviews or anything

The form: Be pretty truthful obviously, but in the context of selling yourself. Just try and convey the essence of who you are, and what stimuylates you intellectually, the passion that drives you to apply there, onto the form. Mention what you`ve read, and read eclectically and with interest. Extra-curric doesn`t matter so much really, or not in my case anyway. But mention it anyway

The interview: well, obvious. Read. A lot. THink about it, every angle. And try and look at things almost heretically, challenge the normal interpretation. Feel justified in your own opinions and defend them, whilst taking on board tutors arguments. Remember, it should be a discussion, is the main thing. So just talk to them, as opposed to thinking constantly in ‘exam’ mode




2 Essays. An Angela Carter one, which basically symbolised to me why i wanted to do English, and which was my own work entirely, and a dry, rather pompous Tennyson essay I`d written ages ago and which was submitted purely to demonstrate I could talk about technical aspects in language. And They asked me on both.


Friendly students, decent accommodation. Stressing up right before, read essays over. Was given piece to analyse and write 2 page assessment on right before. It was Eliot, Animula, and I took it literally to be about metaphysics as opposed to his challenging of his modernist stance…and I forgot all about Eliot on the interview

About Carter, both essays actually, about her role as a didactic writer, the validity of her method and intention, her dealing wioth identities in her work.Some horrible technical srtuff on rhythm regardnng Tennyson essay, and hwerther my essay title was valid. Plus the meaning of anaphora, which I forgot. It was a great discussion in many ways, and i felt comfortabnle, though nerved up at times. I genuinely did want these people to be teaching me, which helped I guess. It went fairly well, but I still thought I had screwed it up, to be honest. It was ok, but there are always things I could have said

Suit. Felt smart, acceptable. Safest option


Excellent. Small, but active, vibrant. Studious, but able to have a laugh. Nice beer cellar too. JCR roof was quite low, and i`m…quite tall, but otherwise, yeah, it seemed exactly where I wanted to be academically. Pretty gardens also.

Fair rooms. Clean, reasonably spacious. Facilities generally ok, library very good, very stocked and expansive for such a small college


Decent Vegeterian option

Fantastic, the two who interviewed me. Though exacting and showing up my fallibilities in argument(and I had a fair few!), they were v. kind too, and not ostentatious or anything. V. happy at prospect of them teaching me overall

Normal. Clever but not over posh, though some were from public schools. Grounded, and articulate basically

Final stage

Parents woke me early. I`d been wiating for a few days. fearing worst, resignmed to my 2nd choice,, who’d offered me, when, suddenly, saw the lettre.Fopr a mome parents played up that i`d been rejected, then showed me it, hugging etc. It was surreal, totally. Thought I was dreaming. Then jubilation basically. Ca`nt wait now

Looking back

Totally. Had to take a gap year, and it`s otherwise been pretty wasted, and non-eventful, but this makes it worth it

None that I have`nt already mentioned. Just go for it, if its your dream, blah blah, blash. If English, or whaytever else you want to do, is your passion, and it stimulates and inspires you, and there’s a half chance you might have even just the minimum grades, then go for it , absolutely. World experts interviewing you, staying in gorgeous college’s…and a 1/3 chance on average you`ll get a place. Why not