Christ Church

 English and Modern Languages


 offer made






 Independent – non-selective

 yes (6 A*,3 A)


Advanced Extension Awards

(predicted Distinction; gained NA)

Details about the offer


A in English Literature, A in History, A in Mathematics




 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

The tutorial system; I’m also mad about old buildings. 😀

Oxford has a superior reputation for English and has the Bod – what other reason do you need? Also, the city itself is supposed to be a little more fun.

I love reading, and am naturally good at it.

Christ Church seemed very beautiful, has a reputation as one of the ‘great Oxford colleges’ (whatever that means…) and has lots of tutors for my subject, excellent resources + accommodation etc. Central location, as well.



Know your written work well and don’t pretend to like a poem/novel/play which you hate. Being honest about your opinions is the best way to go. Also don’t focus on extra-curriculars… these seem to hold little or no importance.





They were interesting. You get to discuss something you love with people who also love it. However, it’s also very nerve-racking and it’s hard when the interviewer is pushing you (and they do this a lot). The tutors varied from very friendly to intimidating.

I was asked about my written work a lot, and some wider reading. Was not given a poem to look at or anything like that, which I was expecting.

Nothing too formal, but not jeans, either. I was glad of this in the end, because my interviewers wore suits (only the men, though).


It’s very large and amazing if you are into old buildings/history like myself. Good facilities over all.
JCR was very nice.

My room was very large and sunny, and looked out at the ‘meadows’ (hence being called The Meadow Building). Had an en suite bathroom, a fridge, a kettle, lots of shelves to put books in and a cute balcony. 🙂

Alright, although I didn’t eat much in college and am very very picky so can’t really judge. There was certainly lots of it and a lot of variety.

Very helpful.

Final stage

Was convinced I was going to be rejected. And I mean CONVINCED.

I cried. My mother cried. Then we had champagne. 😀

Looking back

Yes, it was a very interesting experience, and Oxford is a beautiful place to see. However, I am probably biased, because I got an offer. If I didn’t I probably wouldn’t want to. 😛

Don’t take it too seriously and be overly-intimidated. When I was there I saw a girl come in for interview and she was dressed like a 50 year old woman and was carrying a croc leather case in her hand (Christ knows what was in it.. her essays? I found out after having mine faxed over, having left them home, that I didn’t need them, after all).