St Anne’s

 Human Sciences


 offer made





 United Kingdom

 Independent – selective

 yes (2 A*,3 A,2 B)


(A at AS)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS; predicted B; gained A at A2)

Details about the offer





If I can get the grades I will definatly take up the place at Oxford.

 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

Not many Universities in the UK offer Human Sciences.
The tutorial system is so appealing, with all tutors involved in research, so tutorial can really ‘come alive’.
World class education, which is respected by everyone.
opportutnities for extra curicula activities.

Cambridge did not offer my course.
Oxfords location is perfect, only an hour from London, and much more central than Cambridge.

Location- in the suburbs, so near country and city centre.
Size- allows for a large diversity of clubs, and societies.
It was personally recomended to me by a friend.



3 mock interviews. Short chat about what to expect.

Best advice is to just practise fielding awkward questions, fired at you by a kindly parent! Just practice talking, and thinking out loud. You can never prepare for the actual questions as there are an infinite number you could be asked. But try to prepare for the obvious ones which they usually ask first to get you settled. i.e, why oxford and why this course.
Also go through your affermations in your head, having an air of confidence in yourself and a belief that you can do it is excellent.
If the interviewer questions your point, be prepared to defend it, and justify it if you are sure of the point you made. Never back down if just because he/she is an oxford proff.!




2 essays. 1 from Eng lit. A-level on a book called ‘The Great Gatsby’ looking at the social context of the jazz age. This showed awareness of other cultures. 2nd was titled ‘Jurassic Park;Technically feasable, morally acceptable?’. This weighed up the pros and cons of cloning, bringing the important ethical element into the debate, while questioning the scientific aspect.


Arrived the night before, and stayed for 2 days.
I was given 3 interviews, 2 by College of preference, and 1 by second choice college.

Is shopping the new religion? How can we tell by looking at stone tools and metal objects from the ancient civilizations and hunter gatheres, that they had a language? How important is a nuclear family in today’s society? Is it ethically right to manipulate a feotus? How would this effect the gene pool of society? Many more which I cant remember…

At my college it would have been hard to overdress. Many people were in suits. Black smart jacket with maroon shirt. Purple knee length skirt, and smart black shoes. It was freezing so tights aswell! Small stud earings, so concentration was not taken from my face by glittering objects! Wanted to create a look, that showed that I cared and realized the importance of the event, and my commitment in general. Smart but not over done.


Excellent atmosphere, undergraduate helpers really friendly, interviewees not the typical ‘oxford type’ that are present in the many rumours

Size of room was moderatly big, with large window and a gorgeous view of the College grounds. All facilities were good.


Really friendly and really helpfull. I treated the interview as more of a formal chat. It is a chance in a lifetime to talk about something which interests you with a tutor who knows so much about it. Just try and enjoy it!

Mostly friendly, and on the same ‘wave length’! Great people who are in the same boat.

Final stage

The tutor actually phoned me when I was out with my friends! It was quite amazing because I had everyone around me when I found out the good news!

Looking back

It was alot of work, and some school work was left undone. No I dont think I would, as once is definatly enough!!

Enjoy it, and live your subject for about 4 months before, by backgroud reading and news items. Ceate a cuttings file, with every useful bit of info you may have gathered…it consollidates everything.