pooled, rejected






 Grammar School

 yes (9 A,1 C)


(B at AS)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

Other universities


Decisions about the application

Thought I might as well have a go when I got my AS grades. Also felt that I had a bit of a point to prove.

I was in a Blackadder phase at the time, and it’s always very abusive towards Oxford. Other than that, I never really fancied Oxford…it wasn’t “Oxbridge”, it was “Cambridge” for me.

1) They didn’t ask for exams or written work to be submitted.
2) Seemed nice – central, quite large, old.



2 practise interviews, which wern’t an awful lot like the real thing, but were unsettling at times and so getting though them was a nice little morale boost.

They start out with the assumption that they would be happy to offer everyone a place, so don’t make any stupid mistakes that give them a reason to reject you. Other than that, don’t get your exam boards wrong (as I so nearly did), and check that you haven’t been given a copy of last year’s form (as I was).





Got there the night before after a rather scary train journey in the dark in the worst veichle I’ve ever travelled in. After sitting in my room for a few hours and reading what I’d said I’ve read, I went to sleep. (Fascinating, I know.)

The actual morning of the interview – went and got breakfast, went and sat in the waiting room, given a talk by one of the admissions tutors (Martin Dixon, who later done my interview) about the usual, then sat about and chatted to the others before actually going for my interview.

The actual interview was held in a nice room in the old part of the college, 3 seats (mine was a cross between a dentist’s chair and a sofa), me between the two interviewers. Seemed to be a fairly standard arrangement.

Would you be willing to take a gap year? What subjects are you studying at school? What’s your favourite Subject? What do you study in History? Why do you find it interesting? Why was Hitler able to establish a dictatorship – his actions, or the actions of others? Would you buy the defence of the judges at the Nuremberg trials? Then I got asked a whole lot about extradition, which I can’t really remember specifically. It ended with me saying I’d extradite people to Afghanistan for not wearing a burka… Suppose that you sell a car for Ł500 from your own driveway. The purchaser drives off down the road, but 10 feet along the car stops. He looks inside and there’s a lawmower engine. He comes back , demands his money back, but is told “tough luck, you signed this contract”. You’re a judge – who do you find for? If it was sold though a car dealership, would it make a difference? If the fault was nothing obvious (problem in the fuel system), but ended up seriously injuring the buyer, who would you find for? This time, you sell the car, and it’s fine, but you’re paid with counterfeit money by a crook. He then takes it across town, sells it on, and flees the country. You’re the judge again – who do you award the car to, the original seller or the second buyer?

Suit, shirt and tie. I feel quite comfortable in one.


Very nice – the room I stayed in (Cripps Court) was larger than the treble that I stayed in at LSE. The old part was good too, though on the day I was there it was very grim and quite forboding at times.

Big, modern, windows you can’t open. Shower/bath between 4.

Edible but not great

I’ve had worse, though.

Fine – though one of them seemed to be a fashion victim. I wouldn’t mind being taught by them.

Didn’t see any.

Final stage

As I got pooled, I was a bit annoyed that I had to wait. But, then I read the letters again and felt somewhat pleased with myself that I was good enough, but they just didn’t have space.

Looking back

Yes, because there’s nothing to loose.

If you’re asked to sent away topics you’d like to talk about…make sure you actually do want to talk about them!

The interviews at Queens’ seemed to follow the format of: Question about school subjects -> Question about something you’ve said on your form -> Made Up Legal Scenario.

Dont’ go out and try and be too flash – make sure that you don’t give them reasons to reject you before trying to make yourself seem great. Expressed legally – Grasp the underlying concept of the issue before attempting flash analysis!

Also, pick your college carefully – I’m sure they’re all fine once you get there, but the interview varys alot from college to college, so if you don’t want to do a test, make sure you pick a college that doesn’t ask for one.