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Decisions about the application

Mainly because of the prestige and the quality of the education.

Cambridge was closer to home and I preferred Cambridge as a smaller town.

I had known I wanted to study law from a young age as I found it quite interesting. I also completed some work experience and decided I wanted a career in law and felt that a degree in law would help me along the way.

I thought that if I was going to apply to a prestigious university, I might as well apply to a prestigious college too. I also thought the college was beautiful and that the accomodation was good.



I had one mock interview with a Trinity College Law graduate and a number of talks on the application process. My tutor also gave me quite alot of one on one advice.

Just make sure you can show that you have a genuine interest in the subject you have applied for, show some enthusiasm and be yourself in every aspect of your application. Keep up to date on current affairs. Read into your subject a bit if you haven’t already and be prepared to talk about that.






My interview lasted about 40 minutes. Prior to the interview I was given about 20 minutes to read and make notes on a case study. My interview then began. The first 20 minutes involved talking/debating about the case study with the Director of Studies and another Law fellow/supervisor. The next 20 minutes then involved answering general questions about my UCAS Personal Statement and some general law questions (e.g. Do you enter a contract when you get on a bus? I didn’t actually know the answer to this but I think as long as you give a reasoned argument for your answer you will be fine).

I wore suit trousers and a smart top with heels.


My general impression of Trinity College is that it is a large college with lots of students, amasing grounds and accomodation, good facilities, and a friendly atmosphere.

Accomodation at Trintiy is very varied. It ranges from modern, newly refurbished rooms to massive, old rooms with lots of character. There is a lot of choice and you get to stay in halls throughout your degree. The rent is also relatively cheap.

The food provided by college is not bad and is quite heavily subsidised.

Interesting but diverse.

Looking back

Definitely. I love it at Trinity.