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 Other qualifications




 Independent – non-selective


Other qualifications

HSC and UAI from NSW, Australia.
We finish the year in October so I received my results in December after I had sent my application but before I had received my offer.

I got 99.95 in the UAI. (equivalent to 45/45 in the international baccalaureate)

Details about the offer



 offer met

Decisions about the application

I visited Cambridge when I was about 12 and fell in love with the town, and the reputation of its law school as well as the supervision system.

I had never been to Oxford before and had also heard it didn’t have the same collegiate atmosphere and was much larger.

I wanted the challenge of a subject I had never studied before as well as its foundations in logic and argument. I want to be a barrister too.

Trinity is by far the most stunning, I think, and I wanted a large college with an international flavour.




Know exactly why you want to go to Cambridge and why you want to study your course. Other than that, relax and think carefully during the interview.







I was given a legal scenario 40 mins before my interview which I made notes on and which formed the basis for the majority of the interview.

I really enjoyed the interview. It became progressively harder as it went on, but really it was pretty much what I expect a supervision would be like. In this sense I think they just want to get a feel for how you think and if they would enjoy teaching you. The scenario had various issues involved, both legal principles and social issues which were interesting and open for debate. I made some silly comments which I regret, but overall I think it was very fair.

I wore a suit because I felt most comfortable in it.


Trinity is amazing. I stayed over the night before which was awesome, and hall is breathtaking at night. Everyone was very friendly.

Rooms were great.

Food was fine – apparently it is “variable” throughout term.

Very welcoming, but at times stern.

The students were fantastic; really welcoming.

Final stage

I was very anxious because I didn’t know how long the international post would take to Australia. It came at last on the 7th. I was a mixture of nerves and excitement leading up to it.

We were eating lunch when the postman arrived and Mum ran for the post, coming in with a large, white A4 envelope with the Cambridge stamp on it. It was quite thick so I thought that was a good sign. I ripped it open in the hall and read “we are glad to offer you” and jumped up and down screaming with joy! Then I called everyone to tell them…

Looking back


It is a VERY long process, though Cambridge I found was particularly efficient and astute compared to other universities. Try not to stress to early in the piece – there is plenty of time for that around late December/January. Be clear why you want to go and make every effort to show them that you are right for the course, the college and would be a good student to teach. The rest is out of your hands. Enjoy it, if possible.