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 Independent – selective

 yes (3 A*,6 A)


(A at AS (279 UMS))

(B at AS (223 UMS); predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS (250 UMS); predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS (266 UMS); predicted A; gained NA at A2)

Advanced Extension Awards

(predicted NA; gained NA)

Other universities



Decisions about the application

was getting predicted three As so I thought why not, and an oxbridge degree (especially in law) would be amazing

visted oxford and hated it, visted cambridge and loved it, which is odd as they’re both practically the same. cambridge is also easier for me to get to and the course there was more flexible than the one at oxford at which you don’t really get any choices of modules.

law – something i just find really interesting, looked it up more, visted open days and had a few lectures and bit of work experience at solicitors/magistrate’s court showed me that i’d enjoy the course

really good college for law, someone i know who does law at cambridge recommended



a teacher at our school is a specialist in oxbridge admissions, gave help with personal statement, not so much filling out of any additional forms however.

for law – work exp (as much as possible to show your enthusiasm), times law supplement, law in action programming on radio 4 which covers topical legal issues weekly (listen again on the bbc website), read plenty of law books; from the set list and also others on topics that you might be interested in(eg medical law was my topic of choice) to show that you are willing to go out of your way to find a book and if the topic inspires you, you can write about it in your ps/talk about it in your interview.



lnat – 19/30 in multiple choice
also found the essay section atrocious as i hadn’t really written one in quite a long time; read after that critical thinking essays are useful for practise, or in general persuasive essays and reading the guardian, or the times could help with learning how to formulate opinions etc


no, chose a college that didn’t require any as i didn’t have anything!


college law test – clare, no preparation required, don’t worry about it!

i felt that the tutorial interview went better than the legal interview but was told in the feedback that i performed equally on both (gaining a C in an A-E grading scale) and that i seemed ‘relaxed’

no legal knowledge was required, they genuinely do just want to see how you think. wasn’t asked anything about any actual legal issues.

first interview was just tutorial stuff (eg what do you do in your spare time) and a little legal..something about statutes and if one stated something what it meant, also the difference between principles and laws. then had to work through a scenario regarding a poor reference written for a student which consequently led to them not being hired and whether the referee would be liable to pay damages in situations a) b) and c).
second interview a few legal questions using different scenarios.

a suit because i would have felt uncomfortable in anything less formal, in general though everyone was much more casual in their dress than i would have expected


clare college was lovely, i liked how it was split up and that there was a walk (only short) between different parts of it. and i found the rooms that the interviews were held in quite comfortable.

beautiful chapel, well lush bar in the basement, library was nice and the common room in that was quite comfy, if a bit packed.


friendly but not overbearing, DoS was very complimentary i found, the other interviewer was less so, but she did return my 50 million smiles throughout the interview

didn’t really see any except for the ones that stewarded us in and out of the test in the library, they were a bit odd. saw a hottie in the food hall though.

Final stage

i pretty much put it aside and just enjoyed my holidays, heard from all the oxford people and was really shocked at most of the results, i figured if they couldn’t get in, i wouldn’t be getting in. i’d read that letters would arrive by the 3rd and on that morning (remember this is during the holidays – lie in central) i woke up at about 8 and just…sat and waited

post was obviously late that day. usually correspondance from clare was always in an A4 envelope with the college stamp on, this letter was really skinny and no stamp, just postmarked cambridge. by then i knew i hadn’t got in, opened the letter and read that despite clare not having a place for me, they felt that in academic achievement, potential and in promise i was of the standard of a cambridge undergrad and that they had placed me in the pool.
..time went on, all of the other cambridge applicants in the pool heard from other colleges and it got to i think 10th jan. recieved another tiny envelope from clare telling me they were sorry and that there had been no colleges interested me from the pool. was fine for a few hours, then cried, then was fine again.

Looking back

of course, all of the work that i put into researching law for my interviews showed me that i really did want to do law. also everything about it was so exciting, all the forms and interviews etc. plus if i hadn’t applied i would have thought what if?

if you don’t get in, it’s not the end of the world. honest.