All Souls



 offer made






 Comprehensive School

 yes (6 A*,4 A,1 B)


(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

Details about the offer





 offer met

Decisions about the application

Best teaching, job prospects and you become part of an elite that essentially dominates our society. Virtually all of our PMs went to Oxbridge

Liked the course more, better city, more famous, nicer buildings

It had 3 law fellows, amazing buildings (really amazing) liked the location (central), and bus stop home is outside it



Absolutely none – not even good luck from my year head. I got an old friend to help me with a practise interview – he went to Trinity, Oxford

Say why you are interested in law, what particular area (i said constitutional), what you’ve been reading and give this much more weight than outside interests





Yes. You cant prepare for it really – some critical thinking books would be useful I guess. It was about an experience machine and I didn’t get any of it. We were about 2/3 to a table so most people copied. I made sure I didn’t and tried to cover my answers. It was multiple choice and an essay. I bogged it up so I don’t think much weight is placed on it.

I was ripped apart in the first one! Had never felt as stupid really! I was given a section from a statute and asked to interpret it and see which cases would apply. The second was aimed more at my interests and was about as difficult but more comfortable

What is your favourite subject? Why did you do mostly science subjects if you want to do law (they asked my friend why didn’t he do sciences!)? They were the common ones

I wore a shirt and tie. A suit is too formal really, and just a shirt is too casual. It’s a balance that the tutors liked I think


I thought wow. How on earth will i get a place here? Dont be overwhelmed. Not good.

Amazing rooms – oakpanelled HUGE room with huge comfy sofas, fridge, phone, desks, table, cabinet, and 2 small bedrooms with washbasin, wardrobe, cupboards etc (so I had a roomie)

Edible but not great

The waitress lady said “I know the cooks and I don’t trust them”. I would be tempted to put “awful” as the lasagne was composed of mince in golf-ball sized clumps that were a lighter colour on the inside. I would recommend the venison casserole and the doughtnuts though. The coffee/tea machine was kind of cool too.

Absolutely superb. They were really friendly, likeable people and I enjoyed talking to them in the interview.

Some were really snobby. Some seemed likeable. One was completely pissed (drunk) and took my money as I gave it to the barmaid – I nearly broke his face but he gave it back v quickly and said “we are all sensible here, we don’t steal money” he also mentioned “interview scum” later on in the evening. One bad apple in the basket I hope. I am 6′ 3″ and he was about 5’6″ so he wasn’t very wise.

Final stage

I thought – cheap and nasty letter – bugger, I’ve been rejected. I read “I are pleased” I thought “you cruel bastard” and then read on “on behalf of Christ Church, to tell you we propose to make you an offer of a place” and I was gob-smacked. Never happier.

Looking back

Definately. Even if I had been rejected it would still have been worth a go.

Read the Times! Keep up to date with currect legal affairs. The Law supplement is quite good but there is lots of stuff in the main body of the paper. Read some books by Denning – they are useful.

Take it as a lottery. Make sure you get as good AS grades as you can – they are more important than GCSEs (dont worry if they are not all A*s). Also bug your teachers for predicted grades – get all As. Try to do as many a levels as you can. I had to teach myself maths and further maths as it wasn’t offered – the tutors were impressed by 5 a levels with 2 self-taught