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What attracted me to Oxford was not only it’s academic excellence and world wide reputation, but also the unique tutorial teaching system and the beautiful city in which I could possibly spend the next three years of my life.

I simply couldn’t imagine studying anything else at university. Law fascinates me as an academic subject, but at the same time it is the career path which I am eager to follow in the future.

Being a mature student, Harris Manchester was an obvious choice. I went to visit the college before making my application and fell in love with it’s beautiful setting and architecture. The college is small and feels cosy and welcoming, everyone is very kind and friendly. Overall, it is a place I could not fault.



My FE college did not provide any extra support in terms of preparation, however, were very efficient and encouraging during the process of applying.

I would suggest reading a few introductory books on law, such as “Understanding the Law” and “The Law Machine” or others to get at least a bit of knowledge and grounding of the subject. Listen carefully to the podcasts of Oxford admissions and pay attention to everything they are telling you. It is a very sound advice. Other then that, no prior knowledge of law is required, so just commit your time to thinking about law and why it is that you are interested in the subject. Do not try and anticipate the answers which might come up in the interview and do not trust the information provided at various websites, except for the official Oxford university and its colleges websites-the questions published online were probably just taken out of the context of someone’s interview and that’s the reason as to why they might sound scary and impossible to answer. Do not listen to the myths and do not get overly stressed about it. Improve your logical thinking by reading a few logic books and make sure you know how to construct a reasonably good and coherent argument. Other then that, just be yourself at the interview and try to do your best.



Some find LNAT extremely difficult, some find it relatively easy. All that can be said about it in terms of preparation, is that you should try and read a good critical thinking book, practice your essay writing skills and do a practice test on LNAT website.





The interviewers were friendly and welcoming and I did not feel overly scared or intimidated. Although it was a mind challenging and fairly stressful experience, I got the impression that the interviewers will try and guide you through the process, so it is very important to make sure you are paying your full attention to what they are saying. There is no right or wrong answer. They simply want to see how you think and whether you have the potential to excel at the subject.

I wore smart trousers, smart shirt and a jumper. Some people wore jeans paired with smart shirt and jumper.


I was given a nice, modern and cosy room throughout my stay, which was a good size and had everything one could possibly need. The whole building was immaculate.

It was very tasty and the quality was great.

They were friendly and welcoming, but at the same time very professional.

Everyone I met was friendly and supportive of each other-both applicants and student helpers who kindly stayed behind to help out with the interviews. There was a mix of people with a variety of backgrounds, which made the whole experience very interesting and enjoyable. I made some great friends, who I am keeping in touch with after the interviews.

Final stage

I learned that the applicant is usually the last person to know how he actually performed at the interview so I tried not to get my hopes neither too high or too low. I tried to stay patient and simply adopted a motto suggested by a friend I made at the interviews, which was “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. 🙂

I received a letter approximately a week after returning from my interviews. Woke up in the morning and saw the envelope by my door. I made myself a cup of coffee, sat down,took a dee p breath, then opened and started reading it. After the first line “I am pleased…” I knew I made it! I woke my boyfriend up screaming words of joy and called my family-it was an amazing feeling!

Looking back

Definitely. Without a doubt.

Give it a shot-you will never know unless you try! You might end up being pleasantly surprised. Work hard for what you want and sooner or later you will achieve it.