FE College

 yes (3 A*,7 A,1 B)


(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

Other universities


I am reapplying – I got the grades, I have better work experience and its the only place i want to go so why not have a gap year and get to go to a place where you really want to instead of settling and spending 3 years in a place that’s ok but not great. You only get one chance!

Decisions about the application

Liked the collegiate system, loved the city, reputation

I didn’t even consider Oxford to be honest- I went for the reputation of Cam for my subject.

Very friendly, relaxed, well situated, good reputation



Some – pretend interview and some photocopied info but not much

Read the application forms carefully!! I accidently put down I was a year younger than I was -oops! Also it is a good idea to fill in the personal statement bit- especially why the course etc particularly appeals to you.




2 school essays – I just used my English AS Level coursework


I sat in the Law tutor’s room and was asked questions on legal topics and asked to read an article on law just before the interview which we discussed.

Questions on the Kyoto agreement, internet privacy, the Human Rights Act (it was just after Sept 11th so a lot was based on Anti-terrorist legislation that was being debated)

A blue shirt, black trousers and black smart shoes -formal but with a casual feel


Tranquil, green, relaxed but still distinguished

Every college has a horrible 70s block of concrete -this is usually first year accomodation so be warned! saying this- the facilities are usually better in these rooms. Other accomodation is usually whitewashed, georgian standard rooms.



Some were a bit distant but most were friendly and interested, the porters are great especially when you get lost

They range from v.v.v geeky to perfectly normal! (mostly normal!)

Final stage

Being a stubborn sort of girl I sulked and then decided to wait and see what the other uni’s offered

Looking back

Definately – if you want to study somewhere you should never be put off applying -at least then you have tried.

Be prepared! -Read about the Law in newspapers, magazines and make sure you know about recent issues.

Good luck and remember they want you to succeed so they are never going to purposefully trip you up.