2001 (deferred entry)







 FE College

 yes (1 A*,4 A,4 B)


(B at AS)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained C at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

Other universities



I had an offer from Warwick and Exeter which i declined so i could reapply to Oxford.

Decisions about the application

Prestige, prestige and prestige. oh, and the ROWERS!

Preferred the city of Oxford as it had a more student feel to it, lots going on and well, great pubs!

Absolutly stunning place to live for three years, it was the deer park that swung it and liked the idea of going to same college as Ld Denning. HOW geeky is that?!?



Usual careers advice and mock interview with my principal, which, quite frankly, was about as much use as a chocolate tea pot.

Didn’t get an offer so my advice probably wouldn’t be worth listening to, although did get an interview so must have done something right. guess its a good idea to give the impression you have carefully chosen your college rather than making it look like you plucked your college out of the hat! important point – give the impression, most people i know did virtually pick it out of a hat the day before applications had to be handed in!




Had to submit Biology work of all things, not my strong point (see results!) submitted an essay on dna fingerprinting and the impact of deforestation – teacher said these illustrated my abilities the best.


Nope – thank god!

I did feel as if i was in a comedy sketch from beginning to end! felt quite confident for the first few minutes, no, make that the first minute, no, maybe just the first few seconds. actually, thinking again, i think my brain froze at approximately the moment i sat down on the chair opposite the interviewers. couldn’t even answer a simple question that was supposed to relax me regarding a comment on my personal statement about attending the BBC’s question time – could i remember the name of a SINGLE member of the panel – could i hell!! the first interview was in Biology (again look at my results – not my strong point!!), the second was law. questions on a case we had 30 mins to read before the interview.

Can’t really remeber but for those bioligists among you read on about my comedy answers – first highlight was about protein synthesis, a topic i actually rather enjoyed and excelled in. during my description i managed to blurt out that proteins were made out of NUCLEOTIDES!!! DURR! for the non-bioligists its the equivalent of saying you boil water in a toaster – it really is that basic! second highlight was being asked why eye sockets situated on the front of a skull were advantageous over eye sockets situated on the side – my answer – cos you can see where you’re going!!!!!!! factually correct but not quite the answer i think they were looking for!

Smartish so as not to feel too intimidated by suited and booted interviewers.


Very lovely, friendly people, accommodation very comfortable and in your first year you life over an off license and opossite a pub – ideal!

Had a bedroom and a study with a shared bathroom – perfectly comfortable and clean, would be quite happy living there.


Ok, varied a bit, but generally nice, didn’t feel thay were trying to catch me out – not that they would have had to try too hard!

Very friendly and a variety of people, no stereotypical magdalen students, all very different.

Final stage

Sobbed, wailed, cried etc, then quickly pulled myself together and thought “c’est la vie”, it was a great experience. oh, and its THEIR loss anyway. not that i’m bitter – much!

Looking back

Yep, and believe it or not i’m reapplying! i must be mad! but thats how much i like it at oxford – you can’t beat it!

Go for it – you’ve got nothing to lose, its a top experience just going to the interviews and if at first you don’t succeed try again!