Hughes Hall



 offer made


 Other qualifications



 United Kingdom

 FE College

Mature student that Studied an Access to Higher Education course

 yes (1 A,4 B,3 C,1 D)

Details about the offer


Pass Access to HE Diploma with 18 distinctions in law modules and 18 distinctions in psychology modules.



 offer met

Decisions about the application

I applied because I wanted to push myself and see whether I was capable of gaining admission to a top university such as Cambridge.

Emailed and telephoned both institutions for advice prior to applying. I found Cambridge to be far more helpful and their attitude towards my application was much more welcoming.

I wanted to study a degree that is relevant to daily life, well respected by employers and one that opens up lots of different doors. Law seemed to be the ideal choice.

Hughes Hall is one of only a couple of graduate/mature colleges at Cambridge which accept Access to HE diplomas for entry into a law degree. Furthermore, I found their admissions staff to be polite and prompt when responding to my emails.



The Aimhigher officer at my college gave me a mock interview.

Read the Cambridge admissions website thoroughly; there is a lot of really useful advice on there.



The mature colleges seem to do things a little differently to the standard age colleges. I didn’t have to sit any tests (such as the Cambridge Law Test) but had to answer some legal/logic based questions during my interview.



I had only one interview which was scheduled to last 45 minutes but, in the end, only lasted for about 30. It was in three parts, each part lead by a different interviewer. The first part focused upon my life and what had brought me to this point, the second was with the DoS for Law who asked me some legal/logic based questions. The third part discussed my current course and how I thought it would prepare me for study at Cambridge.

Suit jacket, smart shirt (no tie), jeans and a pair of smart shoes. Essentially, although the Cambridge admissions website says to not worry about what you wear, this was the least “formal” clothing that I was prepared to wear to such an important interview.


I was pleasantly surprised, especially by the newer part of the college, which looks very modern and has good facilities.

Rooms were in use when I visited, so was impossible to see them.

No food provided, although I am lead to believe (by current students) that it is some of the best at Cambridge…

Of course, at interview, you have a perception that they will be very formal and scary, I found them to be quite the opposite; they were all extremely friendly and helpful.

I saw very little of them as my interview was after term had ended. There were a few students in the library who seemed to be working and a couple walked by but said nothing to me.

Final stage

I tried to put it to the back of my mind. Generally, I felt that I hadn’t come across as well as I would have liked at interview and felt sure that I would be rejected.

Received letter around the 8th January. Extremely pleased (delighted in fact!) to get an offer with conditions that were definitely achievable for me.

Looking back


At your interview, don’t be afraid to take your time over answering questions and, also, don’t hesitate to ask the interviewer to repeat the question back to you.