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 Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers




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Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers

( predicted A; gained NA)

( predicted A; gained NA)

( predicted A; gained NA)

Other universities


Decisions about the application

I want to do the very best I can in all that I do, and if I could study at Cambridge and get a better academic education, then I would do so.

Cambridge was ranked higher and had an excellent reputation for Mathematics.

Location, size, know someone studying there, seemed as good as any other college!



got one mock-interview, at which I was given good constructive criticism.

Be very prepared academically. It seems that is all they care about, not necessarily how interesting or well-rounded you are.





An hour-long test; we were given study time beforehand, to cover new material.

The questions were totally different from how I expected them, and I didn’t handle them terribly well.

Very few non-academic ones. Several graph-drawing questions, vector question involving calculus.

Wore a suit, because it’s not every day you are interviewed in Cambridge! I wanted to make a good impression by looking smart, and wanted to feel more confident too.


Very neat and tidy, a bit quiet, though that may be because it was not term-time.

Rooms small but comfortable (in the Bene’t Hostels), shared toilet/shower.


Looked attractive but I was fasting so didn’t eat any.

Friendly enough, but seemed very uninterested in me as an individual. Stiff academics.

Final stage

Confirmed my fears, but I wasn’t too disappointed. However, I felt (and still feel) cheated by their system, and misled by their false descriptions of the interview system.

Looking back

Yes, as it was an interesting experience and trying never hurt anybody (except financially!).

Read all the information given on the websites/prospectuses, but don’t count on it being accurate!