offer made


 Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers




 Comprehensive School


Scottish Highers/Advanced Highers

CSYS Maths I,II & V CSYS Physics
Predicted: AAAA
Final: AAAA

Details about the offer





 offer met

Decisions about the application


I was told if I was serious about Maths I should apply there.



I was given help to fill in my UCAS form.

The best advice I was given before my interview was not to try and pretend I understood things I didn’t. They always know, and more importantly want to know if you are willing to be taught. The more you know the better obviously, but they don’t expect you to know everything.





1 written paper. I did get the practice step book, but hadn’t looked at much of it. The questions were an extension of my CSYS work. I had also read a few of the books on the reading list, but they didn’t come up.

I had an hour long written test and then an hour long interview.

It was mostly based upon the work I’d done in the written bit. At the end the asked a few questions, but said beforehand the interview had actually finished so didn’t matter.

Smart trousers and ribbed jumper. I wanted to appear quite smart without being too formal.


Big. It was very impressive, but I only really saw it on the day of my interview when it wasn’t my main priority.

Most of the rooms are quite comfortable. They aren’t necessarily very modern, but you’ll have plenty desk space and a basin.


Not a huge variety of vegetarian food

Helpful. Whenever I’ve asked anything, they’ve always been quite happy to help.

I didn’t see much on the day of my interview, but I can say we’re lovely!

Final stage

I was about to go on a driving lesson so in a very cliched way didn’t open it until I got home. I didn’t think I had a chance as I thought my interview had gone really badly, but I was proved wrong

Looking back

I would still apply as although it’s not always great being here, I would always have wondered if I could have done it.

Go for it. If you don’t apply you’ll never know if you could have got in. I would also say that you should be sure you’re doing for yourself or else you’ll won’t have the determination to keep going once you arrive.