Mathematics and Philosophy


 offer made





 Korea (South)

 Comprehensive School

 yes (4 A*,4 A,3 B)


(B at AS (214 UMS))

(A at AS (249 UMS))

(A at AS (261 UMS); predicted A; gained A at A2)

(A at AS (279 UMS); predicted B; gained A at A2)

(B at AS (237 UMS); predicted A; gained A at A2)

(B at AS (226 UMS); predicted A; gained A at A2)

Advanced Extension Awards

(predicted Ungraded; gained Distinction)

Cambridge STEP Maths

(predicted NA; gained 1)

(predicted NA; gained 1)

C(196/300) – Critical Thinking
C(186/300) – General Studies

Grade 6(Merit) – Flute
Grade 5(Pass) – Pianoforte

Details about the offer





Oxford is still my first choice university.

 offer met

Decisions about the application

1. Reputation for good teaching.
2. Tutorial System
3. Collegiate System
4. Great resource

Only Oxford offered the course I wish to study.

1.Mathematics and philosophy offers certainty like no other. 2.They are crucially important as foundations of academia and also their relevance outside of acedemia. 3. I love them.

1. High up in The Norrington Table
2. Takes in a lot of places for my course
3. Great central location meaning close to the two departments and Bodleian Library.
4. Liked the view after a visit.



The school gave us further help with early application (e.g. Peronal Statement) and set up for us mock interviews.

Read around the subject and know your subject contents well. Prepare for obvious starting questions.



Oxford Mathematics Entrance Exam. Do get hold of practice papers, know the contents of C1 and C2 very well. If you have time, have a look at contents of C3 since they sometimes do come up. However, in my interview, I was checked whether there was any questions in the test which I could not answer because I did not learn it in school.


Any essay writing you do during your A-level (coursework, homework etc), keep in mind that you may wish to send off two of these essays for Oxford.


The interviewers were very nice and friendly. Although most of the questions really challenged my mind, I really enjoyed all my interviews.


Graph sketching

Problem of induction


Graph sketching

Question similar to that of the Zeno’s paradox

Why did you choose this course?
Any questions at the end.

Modest clothes. I wished to show respect for the process.


Very friendly and lively.

Relatively small. Bed, Wardrobe, a desk and a sink.

Very good.

Only saw them during the interviews but were very friendly and nice.

Most of them were very friendly, had good sense of humour and ready to help.

Final stage

I wanted to know the answer right away. The wait felt very long.

I shouted with joy and called my family and friends.

Looking back

Definitely, without a doubt. Infact, this year was a reapplication to Oxford.

Give it a best shot because Oxford is worth it.