Christ Church








 United Kingdom

 Independent – selective

 yes (9 A*,1 A)


(B at AS (226 UMS))

(A at AS (285 UMS); predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS (287 UMS); predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS (292 UMS); predicted A; gained A at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS (294 UMS); predicted A; gained A at A2)

Advanced Extension Awards

(predicted Distinction; gained NA)

(predicted Distinction; gained NA)

AS Critical Thinking A grade 250/300

Other universities



Decisions about the application

It is one of the best universities in the world and I lovedthe course. I was also considered high oxbridge potential.

I preferred the size of Oxford and the course was slightly less academic with a bit more patient access. In hind sight with my scores I should have applied to Cambridge where they take you more on academics than personality.

I am a medicthrough and through. It is a vocation and I want to do nothing else with my life. (A love of science, problem solving and getting hands on helps.)

It was stunning and I liked the buzz that the place it had due to being a large clollege.



I had the odd practice interview.

Don’t try and predict what will come up or pre read the interviewer. they have a set of questions they want to ask you and they will ask it don’t try ad steer interviewers.



Arelativly tough paper. Practice the essay section! Don’t stress too much about the marks as Oxford are not heavily swayed by it candidates with far lower BMAT scores got an offer and I didn’t.



Different to how I expected they weren’t intellectually challenging. I had to read an article and it was factual recall where as I hadanalysed and tried yo understand the artical and could not remember the minute facts. Be prepared forthem not letting you ster the interview they will get very stroppy if you do.

Read an article and answer questions. Analyse graphs and a small ethical question. (A lot less ethics than I expected at Christ Church.) Jesus my allocatedcollege was all ethics and the interviewers were stubborn and were determind to get an answer out of me which I didn’t know and however much I said I didn’t know they would not liste. o not getflustered and if they show you a graph readthe axis before jumping in.

Alleles, difference between acure and healing! Aminoacid and immune system response.

Grey trousers and heals with a semi-smart fitted shirt. It was smart but I felt comfortable and relaxed in it. Plpus there was very little to fiddle with. I wore no earings otherwise I would have twiddled them all interview etc.


Christ Church was lovely but the students were less helpful find a group of applicants and stick with them as supper can be an excrutiating ordeal. Try and make conversation but be aware that there are post grads are present who will not take it well if you ask them what they are applying for! Jesus was a little more chaotic ut the students were friendlier.

Myroom was a good size with a large desk and an on-suit shower and loo.

It wasn’t too bad typical cantine style food.

They seemed friendly but they were there to do a job and they were not going to be put off.

Final stage

I felt my interviews hadgoe well so I was relativly relaxed.

I was away so my sister read the letter out to me. It came as a blow and I was very disapointed luckily I was with friends many of whom had also been rejected and could put Oxford in perspective.

Looking back


Give it a go don’t get your hopes up no one knows what they are looking for. Don’t not apply because you don’t think your grades are quite good enough that is not what theyare focusing on. Remember that Oxbridge is not the be all and end all England has many of the best universities in the world and where ever you go as long as you are doing a subject you love you will have a great time.