Trinity (open application, allocated college)



 open offer made (allocated to St Edmund Hall in the end)






 Comprehensive School

 yes (7 A*,5 A,1 B)


(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

Details about the offer


A in Chemistry

AA, Not certain if for St. Edmund Hall



 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

Well you’ve got 6 choices, 4 for all you future medics, i thought might as well. Especially after having a great time at the Summer school, and thought the Oxford course is the best course to go into medical research sort of stuff, still really messed up, don’t know what to do.

I had never really got a good look around Cambridge, went once to see the organs, sad i know, for Music. I had been on the Oxford Summer School for Chemistry, and liked it there.

Basically cos it looked nice, good ethernet, good reports from the Summer School.



Well had a mock interview, who scared the hell out of me and just asked stupid questions, good practise i guess. Then a interview with a teachers husband (GP) He sort of did an ethical one, which i think was very useful, maybe not for Oxford interviews but for the rest, even tho i havent had any other interviewsyet





YES!! The hardest test i have ever done. Not trying to scare you all. Didn’t prepare really. Look at specimen paper for timing, i didnt, but its misleading. It seemed like they purposefully made it hard, like you had to unravel the english in the comp, and asked you how heat generated by an animal has anything to do with their amount of sleep. I thought i messed it up big time, im sure i did. But when i got outside, every1 was the same, no1 was confident, i think i got 40%and apparently i did well.

Well, Got there on Sunday, sat a test, no interviews on monday, so went out the good old wig and pen, Sunday night, that every1 else here has wrote about(townie pub), got some1 pissed and made him sing karoake. (I was on antibiotics). Dossed about monday, with the thought i should revise for my interview(stupid thought). Interviews on Tuesday, I had an extra one, and after that found i had a fourth on Wednesday. Met up with some friends from Somerville, we are not tossers, Aidan, (leave Sara alone). Tried to bribe night key, got some student helpers to come out, i went to somerville, got back every1 had left, (my money gone to waste.) Had last interview at Wadham, watched ‘the Rock’ well most of it went home, thinking i would never get in.

Mostly science, just problems, meant to be one science and one ethics, as they liked me(cough) they gave me another one with some really imposing old man, but most people dont get him, so dont worry, just in case its the 3rd one. i didnt like that one, asked me random q. Why is the Galapogas islands good to study evolution, how does a plane fly, why should we get rid off poverty?moved on to the UK government. Explain the distribution of AIDS. Then the last one was science. First science one was some problem about oxygen levels and pressure in the brain, explaining graphs, as i said viruses in my personal statement, they asked how they infect. and another one about muscles, 2nd science one was about the kidney, and how could we determine experimentally how the kidney controls blood cell count. Ethics didnt get very involved, they just asked me about meningitis, nothing about the vaccine, asked to explain trends like why are people born in July better at sport than people born in December, maybe the other way around. Just say things that make sense, pollen counts, but it is simple, age, i got it on the second guess, after i understood what they were saying, which was good. Oh yeah they also asked me the usual,why medicine, but not why oxford. The 3rd horrible one, he kept saying are you in it for the money, i said no gave an argument, and he kept going, what a prick.

I wore grey suit, purple shirt, purle tie. All the other boys wore suits, and the girls dressed up also, and i felt comfortable in it.


They are all very grand. Trinity is beautiful and homely. but so is Wadham and Somerville.

Nice big room. Went in partition, two charis and a table, then other side, bed, sink, closets, drawers, oh yeah i forgot the fridge.


Trinity had nice choice and great tasting.

the tutors of trinity, were cool, there was an ear pierced bearded bloke in charge, then a really nice 29 year old neurosurgeon. Then 2 from abroad, then this homosexual old bloke and the ear peirced one again. At Wadham, was in sort of lounge place, a person from abroad, and 2 other decent people, they made you at ease apart from the gay one.

They are all real nice people, from what i can tell, they are not geeks, but i think they work quite hard. Revising for exams in 2 months time, unlike the night b4 revision i do. Met one at the Summer school who was there again, he’s cool, from london as well. Lots of nice, friendly, sociable people

Final stage

I got the rejection letter, saying my college apllication is will b successful, did not know how 2 take it, thought it was good. Then heard thru school that i got in UCAS confirmed it- open offer. I still havent heard from the college itself, better write to them

Looking back

Yes, the summer school as well. It was great, met loads of people who i still keep in contact with, and hopefully see a few of them next year.

Interview: In the interviews, they will not ask you any questions that you have prior knowledge in, if you do have prior knowledge, then they will change the subject so you dont. Just think logically, the first thing that comes to you head, think about if its not stupid on the second time you think about it say it. Take time, but if you can try to say the answer straight away, if its on yout personal statement or something, otherwise think about it. They will lead you through, so every1 gets the answer in the end, they want to see the way you think, so just say logical things. For example, when they said, if someone has a nephrectomy(kidney removed) his red blood cell count drops. What could you tell from this. The obvious one is that kidneys make red blood cells, u know it is not true, but it would be a possibility. REREAD your personal statement, so you can answer things on W/E and any science you have thrown in there.
I’ve told you all i can about interviews. I think its ok to be nervous, dont think you have to be the cocky arrogant one, but dont just not say anything. And the nervous thing is what i do, im a pessimist, so then it feels better when i get it.