History (Modern)


 offer made





 United Kingdom

 Comprehensive School

 yes (4 A,5 B,1 C)


(A at AS)

(A at AS)

(B at AS)

(A at AS)

Details about the offer


A in English Literature, A in History, A in Physical Education

AAA, Must have A in History


Cant because i havent got all my uni offer/rejections back.


Decisions about the application

Academic reputation, especially for politics and history. Graduate prospects are high and the place is beautiful.

Oxford is the granddaddy of English Uni’s and it seems a better city.

Love History.

State school reputation and supposedly easy-going



2 mock interviews

Just keep reading round your subject, keep upto date with current affairs and most crucially think critically about the world you live in and how that applies to yuor course



HAT. Dont get worried if you flop!


Piece of A2 History work. Know it inside out and get ready to defend your arguments.



I really enjoyed discussing history (theories, processes etc) with leading academics. It was an enlightenng experience.

Before the interview everyone was fretting about how awkward and difficult the interviews are blah blah blah. In my case i never let the nerves get to me and felt confident throughout the interview and before it. The most important thing is confidence. Say what you have to say with confidence. Dont panic.

Personal statement references, sport and history, the theory of history and the 2nd interviewers dicussed my work

White shirt and grey trousers. Wasnt really bothered to be honest


Really spectacular. The front quad is huge and you feel so insignificant within it.

Surprisingly big. The college even as its own mini undergrad village!

To be honest it wasnt that gd. But the coffee gave me an extra boost before the interview!

Really, really friendly. Not monsters just ordinary people who love the subject you love (hopefully!)!!!!

Normal people. I know that sounds cliched but they were not the ‘traditional’ Oxbridge student. We enjoyed the Arsneal vs Newcastle game!

Final stage

Bit nervous but i felt really pleased about my performance during the 3 days. I felt that even if i did get a rejection i tried my best and thats all that matters.

I got a phone call on friday night. I was utterly shocked and couldnt believe what had happened to be honest. Mum was crying (lol). This thing just never happens to our normal family so everyone was chuffed! Except I gotta get the grades now!

Looking back

Definitely (after some persuasion)!

Apply even if your adamant that you wont get a place. I never though in a million years i would!