History (Modern) and English


 offer made






 FE College

 yes (4 A,7 B)


(NA at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

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 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

Lakes (see below)

Oxford, has a an X in it, and my favouritie instrument which is a xylophone has an X too, a priori, i decided X’s have this wonderful exoticness therefore Oxford was the natural choice

Worcester, has a lake, which is always good for potential suicide, or just mental- self-flagellation….ohhh big words….also the fact that it was very near to the station helps, that way i can get to gretna green if i want to elope with a woman whos estate is worth 1,000,000l (pounds btw)



Not really, just a “sufficing reason” for why I should be sure Oxford is the Uni for me., not so disimilar to a talking down

Read a lot, take an interest and think carefully, also pepper ur utterances in the interviews with some nice words, but most importantly, chill out, and act as if ur imparting knowledge to someone, dont think of it as an interview




4 essays-English- one on a play by Brian Friel Shakespeare- Othello History- Hitler–rise of nazism 1929-1932 Timed essay on General


Obscurantist poetry on morality….just poetry criticism, themes motifs, blah blah i just waffled on

Well the history interview was slightly amusing if not humourous, as the professor was this portly rather charmingly rotund fellow who neck waddle jiggled everytime he nodded his head neurotically when in agreement- a sort of an academic harold bishop……. he asked me questions on my historical interests, e.g Mythology
Then he began to talk about where I lived and apparently he had an aunt who resided there, and well local history questions, I had know clue, so I said they all lived in literal poverty, a remark that accentuated these little fat warts on his cheek and his roving eye which seemed myopic glanced on me, and with a poised head, he said his aunt was a woman of great wealth….well anyway blah blah that was it…….i had to shake his sweaty palm, but nonetheless he was a nice man

English Interview, was rather enjoyable as most cliched Oxbridge prospectuses remark…..questions on the books I had read and my interests

for English- stuff on my interests, Vanity Fair, Jane Austen- 19th Century literature, comparing the heroines of Jane Austen to, Thackeray’s errrr then a random question out of the blue came, like, what material was the scarf in Othello made of, and who gave it, where was it made….i think me answering that clinched it for me-

smart casual, black coat, errr striped top, and brown trousers


welll it was quiet while I was there probably cos everyone went home, but i found it a bit clickey at times—- with the posh duds debating about elephants and metaphysics, and the working class sods talking about posh duds ( i love that word) and their attitude, i found the ppl boring, but i guess familiarity comes slowly…..the college itself is beautiful and the concealed spots from the surly porters provides perfect places for prurient activity of the debauched kind…

Satisfyingly applicable


I found them very interesting, sorry thats about as descriptive as I’m gonna get

Final stage

I was amused with the offer of two E and an A, and happy, but excited that I got in

Looking back

yeh, cos my nous instructs me to

Interests in ur subjects dominates ur academic ability in them