Lady Margaret Hall

 Modern Languages


 offer made






 Independent – selective

Applicant applied for German.

 yes (4 A*,5 A)


(NA at AS; predicted A; gained B at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted A; gained A at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted B; gained B at A2)

Merit in S Level English Lit. Applicant did not specify in which subjects he was predicted a B in, presumed to not be German. Originally predicted ABB.

Details about the offer


A in German

AAB, AAB with A in German, excluding General Studies



 offer met

Decisions about the application

Great reputation, the place looks amazing, is steeped in history and my teachers told me to.

Cambridge only allow you to apply for two languages or go for joint honours- so i guess the short answer is Cambridge don’t offer my course

My school had a history of sending linguists to LMH, so the head of modern languages suggested i try for there.



Yes- mock interviews, extra courses in literature (the oxford course is very literary)

Read around the subject, practice with a mock interview, don’t be afraid to question the interviewers and be prepared to defend your views when they’re challenged.




one translation into german one essay on a german text (in german) one essay from my english course


Yes- a 30 minute German grammar test- it is vital to do preparation for this. I had extra lessons for this and my mark was still not brilliant. Its vital to know your german grammar inside out- declensions, adjectival endings and which tenses go with which verbs.

1 interview on german lit at LMH
1 interview on linguistics at LMH
1 interview on german lit at St. Hugh’s

1st interview- When i arrived in college i was given an english passage to discuss in interview. In the interview i was also asked to read a german passage and then discuss it. there was also a brief discussion on my submitted work. 2nd interview- a discussion of linguistics including looking at various linguistic problems, a look at synonyms and a discussion of problems for Germans learning English and vice- versa. 3rd interview- a further German interview this time with two interviewers includng translating some non consecutive sentences an a discussion of German literature which somehow turned into a discussion of Blackadder! Before going into this interview I had to chose one passage in German to discuss- from a choice of 3 or 4. a dictionary was provided for this and i had 5 minutes to look up any words i did not know.

A suit- so as to make a good impression


Old, steeped in history and more than a little intimidating

The room i had was fairly small- a bed, a desk, chest of draws, lamp and easy access to bathrooms/kitchens. I did see other accomodation in college too though, where the rooms were larger and had ensuite bathrooms, so the quality is variable.


They made an effort to ease you into the interview, nothing too challenging to start with

Very helpful- if you had and problems they helped to deal with them quickly

Final stage

I was over the moon of course! I had to read it several times before it actually sank in that they were offering me a place.

Looking back

Yes definitely- the course is the right one for me- a mix of language and literature, in a stimulating environment

If you think Oxford is the place for you then give it a go- you’ll never find out if yuo never try!