Modern & Medieval Languages







 United Kingdom

 FE College

 yes (4 A*,5 A)


(A at AS (249 UMS))

(A at AS (248 UMS); predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS (282 UMS); predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS (282 UMS); predicted A; gained NA at A2)

Other universities



I thought UCL seemed better than Cambridge: the place and course appealed to me moreso!

Decisions about the application

I applied because it’s one of the best universities in the UK: I thought I’d give it a stab.

The Oxford course was far too literary for my liking.

Because I like learning languages: I wanted to carry on with my French, and begin to learn Russian!

It looked good on the website!



Yes – I received 2 mock interviews by my college. They were of limited help.

Make sure you want to do this: check out if it’s the right place for you. Make sure you come across as passionate for the subject: they want to see how you love it so much.




I sent a mediocre French piece on the environment; and also a Religious Studies essay on theories of ressurection!


Had to do a written test: on the meaning and messages of Politicians’ ties – for starters I thought the gender in french of tie was masculine – but it was feminine!

They went ok. I wasn’t too happy with them!

First interview – French. Had to read a difficult passage on a mosquito entering a room…and I had to read it to the interviewers out aloud in French. I then had to answer some questions in French. I had to talk about the extra reading/activities I have done: and some generalities were asked about my personal statement.

Second interview – Russian. Had to read a translated passage…and then discuss (and subsequently argue about) it. We then talked about why I wanted to study Russian: and I made the gross generalisation of stating how all old people loved communist Russia. Then more was discussed about my personal statement; and we were talking about some English sentence constructions.

All linked to above, really.

Jeans, shirt, jumper – no way was I going to be in a suit. Despite that: many did go in a suit!


The college was rather nice!

Hadn’t seen it, unfortunately.

Alright. Nothing to shout about!!!

They were ok: each of the women in my interviews seemed to be a bit harsh, tense with me.

Of the ones I spoke to, they were really nice and informative!

Final stage

I just wanted it to come. I more or less knew that I’d face rejection – but I wanted a tangible confirmation of this.

I opened it with my mum and boyfriend near me. I wasn’t surprised or upset – I was just thinking about UCL!!

Looking back

I think it was a wasted choice for me! I only wanted to go because it was a really good uni – and I think my reasons were thinly based. This would explain why I didn’t give my best effort on the day!

Go for it if you WANT to do it. Otherwise, it’s a wasted choice on the UCAS form!