Independent – selective

 yes (7 A*,3 A)


(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(A at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

(C at AS; predicted A; gained NA at A2)

Other universities


Decisions about the application

Because academic course so i could really study what i wanted and really rigorous so obvious employability reasons. LOADS of music going on in cambridge – seems fantastic, really beautiful city. people are really really cool. There are people who are really up themselves but just like any other uni. i met some really groovy people there too so the whole pompous thing is kinda fading now slightly i think. er..also really nice accomodations and stuff!!just loved everything about it there really!

Went to Cambridge fell in love with it and also know people there already and stayed with them there so could see people/social side to it as well…didn’t really bother looking at oxford either actually as thought would prefer music course at cambridge

River Frontage!!!!also seemed nice mix of buildings and they have wot seems like quite a cool music society which did a big cheesy musical. i looked at quite a few but they’re all realy nice just seemed so pretty lol



erm…yeah i did some “interview technique” stuff and had a mock interview but it wasnt that helpful cuz its all common sense really. they spent weeks making us look through this and read that and learn how my instrument worked in scientific terms and stuff but none of it came up in my was mostly like testing my thinking, which possibly says something about me haha

On Cambridge Application Form: erm…make sure theyre tidy…make sure that u can talk at length about nething they might mention in ur personal…i dno…mine went wrong several times but because of reasons out of my control so i guess just terrorise everyone involved so that they dont mess nething up for u!

On interview: on ur aural and general musicianship skills…they test ur general thinking about these kind of things more than ask u stuff like Y MUSIC etc.etc.





yeah that hard aural [see below]..we were all sat in a big library staring at each other in utter confusion really so everyone was in the same boat..clashy chords oh and we had to write an essay about a piece they gave us

there was a bit test thing really early in the was REALLY REALLY hard aural…like ridiculously scrunched up chords and stuff…and then the interview which for me was six hours later and i had to stay at girton because the director of music is a fellow there but it was cool cuz there were loadsa other applicants and i met some cool people, neway the interview they made me play through this bach choral and harmonise it and stuff so i guess learn all ur rubricy kinda stuff like second inversion on c or woteva. erm…then they asked loadsa questions about my work and i had to do some analysis. in my second general interview she asked me to analyse a picture and talk about some of my work and that was about it actually.

i had to put a loada baroque composers into order and explain y i thought so. talk about my essay. erm…someone got asked about mozart operas and gregorian chant. someone had to compare ralph vaughan williams with copland. i had to takl about vivaldi and string quartets. its all just kinda random stuff really that came up with the pieces they gave us for analysis oh yeah soprano clef was a random odd one they gave us so be prepared for nething i think just as long as u talk to them and tell them wot ur thinking its ok…

pinstripe suit and shirt just so i could be smart. some of the other music people were in suits some of them quite wacky variations the only other girl was in a smartish skirt and top kinda thing…


Magdalene – really pretty and big, on the river, lovely accomodation, people were really nice, some slightly scary stairways, nice chapel, some bloke who was on big brother is a punting person at their boathouse so if ur a fan of big brother…
GIrton – spent a day there, really lovely place, quite far out of town but if ur happy to cycle 10 mins into centre of twon then its cool…the food there was really nice and the students there were really lovely…i watched neighbours and clarissa explains it all with one of them. they have sky tv and a nice common room.
Catz – director of music and organ scholar seemed really nice.
Jesus, direcotr of music nice, nice college, some ugly 60s accomodation tho teehee big comp room
selwyn -very nice oldish kinda thing, sarah macdonalds really nice, looks exactly like my school tho eurgh! right next to music block tho so thats cool altho u’d prob never get out i imagine!
kings – went to a choir rehearsal and the choirs fantastic obv. director of music is absolute tyrant tho but u no if ur dead set on going there its good but its a sciency college so not if ur going for music…yeah..nobody likes their choir director person nice chapel tho!
emma – nice too many birds tho scared of them oh girton had a really nice indoor swimming pool i think emma hav one too not sure. clares nice – didnt like the people applying there. sidney really small and friendly. new hall…kinda ugly 60s kinda thing but i stayed with my friend whos doing music there and she seems really happy its a bit of a hike up a hill. her rooms small and has a piano in it but shes made it all cosy and stuff and theyre reight next to fitz and shes in their choir and the people and fitz all seem really groovy and theyre in accomodation across the road which is all like cute little houses obv made for students. trinity hall and trinity are really pretty..but yeah they pretty much all are!

the room i stayed in in magdalene was HUOOWGE it had a double bed two big armchairs a desk a table a wardrobe a bit like window seaty window and sink thing and fridge and there was still looooooooooads of spare room i think bigger than my living room haha but it might be one of the expensive ones lol u might get put in a cupboard in the first year!but my room was lovely and there were two toilets and a shower right in the corridor outside and i passed loadsa music rooms getting to my room and there was a pool room and a reallly nice common room. its all quite close so thats nice.


salmony kinda thing with potatoes and creamy sauce kinda stuff and chocolate cake or rasberry cheesecake kinda thing. bottled drinks and orange juice and stuff. there were chips and loaaaadsa other stuff available tho. this was at girton tho cuz i had lunch there i had dinner with my mum and dont eat breakfast

dr martin ennis is a little scary he has a really penetrating glare but he was really nice and friendly in the morning. the research fellow dr stephen rose is really nice and he really tries to make u feel more comfortable in the interview.(theyre both sat across ona table) they both asked tough questions martin ennis more though…the research fellow was really keen to help me out if i struggled a little tho…


Final stage

er…well i just got it…i think you can kinda tell if its an acceptance or not cuz u get a thick letter full of info if u get in but dont count me on that im still waiting to hear from my friends its quite early and its xmas hols so very few of them are up! my friend applied to jesus for maths and he didnt get in thats all i know so far. im disappointed but im really fed up of all this uni stuff now…i’v got all of my five other acceptances so i’ll wait till my parents get back from work and iv recovered from tonights new years party and we’ll see i might reapply after a gap year or something. i’m disappointed but i didn’t really expect to get in cuz my aural was so rubbish and i could’ve answered some of those questions so much better but u dont really think when ur in there.

Looking back

yeah i would definitely because i still would really love to go but i would definitely not waste so much time worrying and stuff and i would not bother with all the rubbish that i got from school about having to do this and that when really i shouldv just improved my aural and stuff it hink…its cool tho..i had a fantastic time when i went there even between my interviews cuz i met so many fab peeps

erm…music people improve ur aural and thinking! and relax and think! not sure about other people tho…but try and enjoy it too…and its a huge relief when ur done!but definitely go for it altho u might hav qualms about the people or woteva u should really stay and experience it i felt like that cuz i come from an independent school but only cuz i dont pay to go so i wasnt sure but i mean as long as u respect the traditions and stuff its really cool they hav all these fantastic formal halls and stuff and my friends doing rowing and shes loving it and the social stuff is really great they hav all these themed parties and stuff and theres lots of cheap booze just like ne other uni and they work hard and play hard. even if ur kinda thinking that its a bit to poncy for u or something check out fitz or new hall the people there are completely against all that kinda stuff…and the academic courses are really fantastic so at least look them up. oh and puntings really fun!