Corpus Christi



 offer made






 Comprehensive School

Non-selective state 11-18 school

 yes (6 A,2 B)


(NA at AS; predicted NA; gained A at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted NA; gained A at A2)

(NA at AS; predicted NA; gained A at A2)

Details about the offer




 offer met

Decisions about the application

Best university in the country. Best resources, best teaching, best reputation (minor factor). Plenty of toffs to impress my friends with.

I wanted to due Philosophy, and not specialise in theology or whatever. Oxford have a fairly okay reason for not doing straight phil degrees, but I wanted to do Philosophy, not Philosophy and Theology or whatever.

Had a conversation with the librarian in school whose friend happened to be the schools liasion officer for Corpus, he arranged for me to visit it. I’d missed all the open days.



Read a couple of books and prepare for a lot of stress and anxiety waiting for the results. Tell the truth.





I had two. For the first, subject interview I talked to the director of studies who I’d already met during my private visit to the college. We seemed to get on well the time before, but during the interview I was a bag of nerves. The second was with another teacher (I presume), about work ethics, general interests etc.

The subject questions started with “why philosophy, why university, why specifically cambridge” etc. The beefy ones were two ethical questions to do with sacrificing one person to save a lot more. Took me by surprise, and I answered them both pretty immorally, but I think I scraped through by understanding where I’d gone wrong and mentioning what factors were involved in the problem. The second interview wasn’t so bad, just telling him how I thought my studies at A Level could contribute to philosophy and what I’d do if I were to do A Levels again, things like that. Oh, and what my desert island book would be.

Suit. My mum made me.


When’s the scaffolding going to be finished? I haven’t seen any other colleges so I couldn’t really compare.

The guest room I stayed in during my private visit was small but nice. The philosopher’s room (how appropriate) I stayed in the night before interview had no running water and I had to hike to the loo to get a drink and wash etc.


They could fry the mushrooms better.

Their names are on the ground floor of each staircase. Sorry, I’m high on this, just got my letter this morning.

They were really nice people. I’d already met some of them when I visited the college before. We went to the pub then a club (I chickened out at about 11 and went to bed). Not the stereotype I’d imagined.

Final stage

My parents rang me up from home, told me it had arrived. So I went home and opened it on my own. Smiling all day.

Looking back

Don’t be silly.

Be sure your reasons for applying are ‘good’.