Christ Church

 Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)


 offer made


 Other qualifications




 Independent – non-selective


Other qualifications

6 A’s at TEE level (Chemistry, Physics, Economics, English Literature, Discrete Maths, Applicable Maths). TER of 99.85

Details about the offer


TER of 98.5 or above


Received TEE results a few days after the offer and accepted the place.


 offer met

Decisions about the application

Best education possible, going to uni with people who have the same enthusiasm for learning, environment – living on campus etc.

Visited both but it came down to the course.

Want to go into Politics, have always loved Philosophy and was good at Economics at school.

Was able to meet a tutor and just got a wonderful feel for the college. Chist Church is really amazig especially the history of the college.



Teachers of all three subjects gave me support in terms of preparation for the interviews.

Not much of the prep i did for the interview actually helped but it makes you feel confident which is really important. Make sure you read up on current events and that you can draw graphs and find the intercepts etc.



Thinking Skills Assessment was quite difficult but just do a few practise exams before and you should be fine.



Philosophy interview was quite basic and it was hard to see how they would distinguish between applicants. Politics and Economics interview was more exciting but i was unsure how i had gone.

Whether “Do not do what is morally wrong” is a good law. To choose a political issue and talk about it. In general about mergers and takeovers.

Both interviews were on the same day so i wore a high waisted skirt, a pretty top and black lowish heels to both. I feel more comfortable when i look smart but some people looked more casual.


Christ Church was great; i really enjoyed the interviews. The people were really nice and the buildings are amazing, i can’t wait to start there in October.

Rooms were big and some had ensuites. Beds were made by maids.

Dinner was a big occasion – grace was said in Latin. This was one of my favourite experiences at the interviews.

Great, some of them are quite eccentric which makes the interviews more fun. They were all nice and most of them weren’t intimidating at all.

Seemed nice and were there to support you.

Final stage

Really nervous but luckily we received them quite quickly (after about 10 days).

I was in Italy in a resturant with some family friends who didn’t speak English. My parents called from Australia and i was absolutely over the moon. The family friends were all clapping and we had nutella pizza to celebrate. One of them – an ex-rally driver – took me back to my accomodation in a porsche as a congratulations – best day of my life.

Looking back

Yes definitely.

Make sure you have fun at the interviews. Lots of people stayed in their rooms studying which wouldn’t have helped them in the interviews and many of them won’t get an offer. Those who didn’t stay in their rooms all made good friends some of whom will be at uni with them and others who won’t but still had a fun experience.