Christ Church

 Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)


 offer made





 United Kingdom

 Comprehensive School

 yes (12 A*,2 A,1 D)


I am taking A-levels in:

Maths, Economics, English Literature, Philosophy and Ethics, Politics, Psychology, Sociology and General Studies.

I recieved straight A grades at AS, and am predicted straight As at A2. My marks at AS level varied, some were high As, some were just mediocre, but my school doesn’t declare our AS results anyway (the only way the universities know is if we have it written in our references we got all As)

Details about the offer





 grades pending/unknown

Decisions about the application

My grades were strong enough, i’ve a sister at cambridge so was very aware of the prestige of Oxbridge, and i absolutely love the course.

I knew i wanted to study politics, and Cambridge do far worse in legue tables for it. Also, when i found out about PPE, i prefered the pairing of politics with the ‘E’ and ‘P’ rather than the other disciplines in SPS which is the politics course at Cambridge.

It just seems to me that all of the disciplines corroborate and compliment one another perfectly! I also really enjoy the study of each of them.

I just walked in on the Oxford open day and fell in love with Christ Church!






TSA Oxford with an essay question.




One went well, one went badly…or so i felt afterwards anyway.

politics- something from personal statement i was asked to expand on a concept.
economics- discussion followed by an AS/top GCSE level maths question.
philosophy- discussion on moral dilemma/laws.

Heels! (they make me feel empowered 😉 )


Fantastic! i had a massive living room all to myself + bedroom.


Encouraging, particularly politics took care to ‘put at ease’, gentle start to interview etc.

Helpful, approachable.

Final stage

Awful! only had to wait 1.5 weeks, but was unbearably nervous.

I was just generally elated!

Looking back

Absolutely, even if i hadn’t got in, i learnt alot from the interviews and experience.

Read your subject- not because you will talk about it at interview (well i didn’t), but because; a) it’s your subject you should find it interesting and want to read it anyway, b) it shows through in you’re intellegence, analysis and terminology used etc, c) it will make you feel much more prepared and calm before the interview.